Celebrity Apprentice April 7, 2013 Who was fired 4/7/13

It’s the sixth episode of Celebrity Apprentice – All Stars tonight. There are nine celebrities left to work on the task that will be assigned to them. Who will be the project managers and who will be the weakest among the players?

Finally, Omarosa is out! She was fired last week after failing to raise a lot of money. Not any of the past two lady project managers got the guts to bring her to the final boardroom, until Lil John became the project manager. She got the mistake of targeting Lil John rather than Dennis in the final boardroom because Lil John raised the most amount in the team. Dennis won’t get fired either due to his determination to succeed. Thus, she was the one who got fired by Mr. Trump.

How will the Power team do without Omarosa? Will it be smooth-sailing without her?

Anyway, the task for tonight is to make a campaign to sell Melania Trump’s new skin care line. The teams must create a product display and advertorial campaign to highlight the new “Melania” skin care line. The project managers are Dennis Rodman and Penn Jilette.

One of these guys will stop Eric Trump from visiting their team while the other will be considered as a lackluster team leader. Meanwhile, one of the celebrities will make a critical error. Based from the title “How Do You Spell Melania”, the error is mis-spelling Mrs. Trump’s name. Who among the players will make this mistake? There are speculations that it’s Dennis. What do you think?

Again, updates on tonight’s episode will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Who makes this crucial mistake regarding Melania Trump’s name? Who will be in the final board room? Who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice’s 4/7/13? Results will be here.

Update: Dennis Rodman gets fired! He got fired because he’s the project manager of the losing team and because of the posters which misspelled Melania’s name.

TASK – create two page advertorial and product display.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Penn and Dennis.



Dennis wants to go to Melania’s bathroom to see what the lady really uses.

Melania’s name was misspelled and Mrs. Trump wasn’t happy. Her name was correct on the product shots and other presentation though, except in the slogan.


Penn asks all his team members to go back to work and don’t talk too much to Eric Trump.

Gary thinks Penn is excellent, and Stephen agrees.


WINNING TEAM – Plan B. Penn receives $40,000 for his charity.


FINAL BOARDROOM – Dennis and Trace

FIRED – Dennis

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