Celebrity Apprentice April 8, 2012 Who was fired 4/8/12

The aftermath of what happened last week continues on Celebrity Apprentice tonight, April 8, 2012. The episode is back to it’s regular schedule of 9pm to 11pm ET. Expect more drama to happen tonight as the contestants tackle a new task. Will someone who talks too much get eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice episode 8?

In the aftermath of a Arsenio’s meltdown, Lisa’s fighting mad and says she has a mental breakdown. In tonight’s episode, it’s going to be Lisa vs Dayana and Lisa vs Lou. Lisa has taken over the boardroom and she even tells Lou she do the job he don’t and tells him to get ready for an elevator ride. Lou tells her she’s got a filthy mouth and that doesn’t stop her from talking.

Meanwhile, will Aubrey be back tonight after quitting last week? Will Donald Trump let her back on the show after that? There are spoilers that she will be back tonight though there’s not a sign of her in the preview. If she does, what part of the episode will she return?

Meanwhile, the task for tonight will be for the teams to produce a 60-second commercial for Entertainment.com. Titled “Ad Hawk”, they must write, produce and direct the commercial. One team will hit the mark while the other team will be left to fight it out in the boardroom.

The project manager of Forte will be Dayana while the project manager of Unanimous will be Teresa.

Which team will win the task? Will Lisa be fired for talking too much? Updates on the show will be posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Will Aubrey be allowed to return by Donald Trump? Who would you prefer to be sent home, Lisa or Aubrey if ever she comes back? The next person who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 4/8/12 will be here. The results of the final boardroom will be posted as well.

Update: Lou was fired. He asks Donald Trump to take it back because he don’t want to be fired. Donald says there’s nothing he can do.

Donald is bothered by the fact that Lou said the other team’s video was better he felt Lou went against his team.

Donald decides to fire Lou.  Lou asks Donald to take it back he does not want to be fire.  Donald tells him there is nothing he can do


Task – create a 60 second commercial promoting Entertainment.com.

Project manager of winning team gets $60,000…

Project managers are Dayana and Teresa

Aubrey talks to Arsenio – tells him she doesn’t want to come back to his group. Arsenio tells her he was angry and no desire to hurt her. He says sorry. Aubrey returns to his team…


Dayana thinks the weak link in her team is Lou

Arsenio thinks Aubrey was responsive of the task.

Clay thinks Teresa is probably the nicest woman of the table. He says she really took on a task and stepped up to do it in a really strong way.

Paul enjoys the task.

Teresa thinks everyone is great.

Paul says the star of the team is Clay. He’s so well-rounded

Clay likes their team’s commercial. Lou likes the other team’s commercial too.

Lisa thinks it’s easy to say he didn’t like it because he has nothing to do with the product.

Winner – Unanimous team – Teresa wins $60,000 for her charity


– Dayana, Lisa and Lou

It’s Dayana’s 5th boardroom

Lou thinks Lisa should be fired.

Lisa would fire Lou because he didn’t throw any ideas and threw his team at the boardroom.

Dayana says she should not be fired because they (Entertainment.com) liked the videos

27 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice April 8, 2012 Who was fired 4/8/12

  1. I think that Lisa and Aubrey should go. Lisa has a flithy mouth and Aubrey is out just for self instead of helping to win for the charities….. I really don’t like either one of them. Aresenio did act out the other show and could have toned that down

  2. I don’t care what Lisa has accomplished in her life, I never even heard about her before this show, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that this woman is a pain in the behind. She does come across as thinking she is better than anyone. I have watched the episodes, and she does not always give others a chance to voice their opinions, it is her way, with no give or take. As for team, any person that disses another and infers that person is a loser, is not even trying to include them. That to me is not a team player. Lisa should be gone, her “team” keeps losing.

    • You obviously have no sense of humor if you’ve never heard of Lisa Lampinelli. She’s the funniest woman comedian out now. She works with mostly men and is funnier then most comedians out there. She could beat most men’s asses and yours too.

  3. Donald set him up by asking the question if he wanted anything other than an honest answer. It weasel better. He tried many times to make his own better and no one heard him trying to say that. Their own project manager was interrupted when she tried to give him credit forit.. then. in the end, she lied to cover her own butt.

    In truth, Cruella Deville should have been fired a long time ago.

  4. Lisa is awesome! The queen of mean lives up to her name. She’s funny and extremely intelligent. She should be the next celebrity apprentice. And if you have never heard of her you need to crawl out from under that rock. Get ready for an elevator ride Lou….LMAO!!

  5. who does that Lisa think she is talking that way.
    Never heard of her before and she is rude and
    ‘no lady’. That Aubrey thinks she’s something else
    and is a dirty player.
    fire them both!!! Both of them just want to take over.
    Theresa, is a bit of an ‘air head’

  6. Aresenio was way out of line with the whore stuff he said last week. He should have talked with her during the challenge not waited and than rant and rave later. Made himself look bad I think.

  7. Lisa is such a dissapointment, she has the personality of a limp noddle!! not a TEAM player, a know-it- all, & you listen to me I did it, even if I didn’t! She wouLd be a bitch to work with !!!!

    Aubrey is a self-centered, high maintance, like luster, whatever, user!!!!! Her most used word is I, I, I,

  8. No one really knows what goes on behind the scenes on television shows. They show us what they want to and what makes good television. Maybe Lisa has a right to be upset and maybe she doesn’t. Either way its all rigged. Most people don’t like a strong spoken woman anyway. Because most people are afraid of hearing the truth in today’s society. So those who speak up are either labeled as loud mouthes or bitches if they are women. If it were men acting this way it would be more accepted.

  9. Never in a million years would I hire Lisa to work for me. She never stops complaining and nobody can work with her. She always seems jelous and mad. She is somewhat funny when she does her roasts but in the real world man does she have any friends?

  10. You don’t speek your mind like that in a real job. Any boss would have fired her for talking like that to other people. Hope she stays funny because thats all she has. She ruined any chance of getting a real job. I would NEVER hire her. Well maybe I would hire her to make some flyers from her home. Not to interact with people. She just can’t.

  11. I love Lou but he never did really seem to have much to offer in any of the tasks. Lisa definitely lives up to her reputation and I think she’s smart..BUT…..she seems to toot her own horn to much and really….for what reason? She’s the mastermind behind many of their task and they’ve lost how many?

  12. @13

    Aubrey is such a hypocrite. She’s been bullying Dyanna and others all season in the board room. I’m not too surprised she hasn’t learned a thing since getting chewed out last eps. Her diary clips are more than enough proof of this.

    Lisa is mental. Not a strong woman. She’s like that one boss everyone hates. Her meltdowns and putdowns are not to be commended as strong. She lets her emotions get in the way of rational human behavior. Remember her saying shut the f’up to Victoria Gotti? Absolutely disgusting and highly unwarranted! Despite being good in other areas, her temperment is detrimental to group cohesiveness. Patricia is a much stronger woman than Lisa and w/o the dirty mouth.


  14. i think everyone should trow a pie in that lisa s face.She s always flapping her gums.Can t stand her voice and that puss

  15. This isn’t about Lisa being a great comedian, yes she is a strong player, aubrey is all about Aubrey. Penn is strong, clay is strong and Arsenio isn’t bad. Lisa has a big mouth and I think Trump will get tired of that. Well I hope.

  16. Lisa is one of the nastiest trashiest women I have ever seen. She really is a hateful rude person. She gives all women a bad name and there is nothing funny about her.

  17. Lisa and Aubrey are the smartest ones on the show. If you like them or not, they deserve to win this show. I think Aubrey is smart and funny. She called out the “old fashioned” thing during the task. I did cringe though when she spoke up when Ivanka was there because she was doing such a great job of laying low. I hope its Lisa and Aubrey in the end. Good Luck and get Arsenio out. He’s an a**.

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