Celebrity Apprentice February 19, 2012 Who was fired 2/19/12 Premiere

Donald Trump is back in searching for his apprentice beginning tonight in Celebrity Apprentice season 5 premiere. That’s February 19, 2012 airing at 9pm ET. There are 18 celebrity contestants in all, some are models, some are singers, some are actress, singer or comedian. They will be divided into two teams. One team will lose the challenge and be at the final boardroom where one will be eliminated. Who do you think will be the first artist to be fired on Celebrity Apprentice 5 tonight?

Here are the Celebrity Apprentice 2012 contestants:


Tia Carrere – actress

Debbie Gibson – singer

Teresa Giudice – Real Housewife of New Jersey

Victoria Giotti – writer

Lisa Lampanelli – comedienne

Dayana Mendoza – Miss Universe 2008

Aubrey O’Day – singer/reality TV star

Cheryl Tiegs – supermodel

Patricia Velasquez – model/actress



Clay Aiken – American Idol runner-up

Michael Andretti – Andretti Autosport owner

Adam Carolla – comedian/podcaster

Lou Ferrigno – actor

Arsenio Hall – comedian

Penn Jillette – magician

Dee Snider – Twisted Star Sister frontman

George Takei – actor

Paul Teutul, Sr. – American Chopper Star


What do you think about this season’s cast? These celebrities will be playing for their chosen charity, where the winner will bet $250,000 aside from the money they could raise in their tasks in some of the episodes.

For tonight at the season premiere, their task is to create and sell deli sandwiches in a fundraising competition for charity. Forte’s project manager will put everything on the line to win while Unanimous will start with a man down due to a tragic accident. Who among the guys could it be? Could it be that Marco Andretti was the original cast but due to an accident, his dad stepped up for him?

Anyway, a new record will be set at this fundraising event. However, only one project manager will take credit of it all. Who will be the project managers tonight?

Even if it’s the season premiere, one team will here the dreaded word from Donald Trump. Who will it be? Who’s your favorite artist?

We’re here again to give you updates on the show every week. Follow us on Twitter for the results. The first artist who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 2/19/12 results will be posted here.

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Update: Cheryl Tiegs was fired since she admitted she didn’t fit into the show’s environment.¬†

Sorry for some mistakes on this post. Been updating through my cellphone.

Forte project manager –¬†Patricia Velasquez (she volunteered)

Unanimous project manager – Paul Teutul Sr. (he got volunteered)

Winning team – Forte Unanimous. They pulled in a total of $367,000 of which $305,000 came from Paul’s unnamed contact . Rachel Ray also gave them a bonus check preferring their sandwich over Forte’s.

Final Boardroom

– Cheryl

– Victoria

– Patricia

10 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice February 19, 2012 Who was fired 2/19/12 Premiere

  1. You have the teams backwards. Forte is the women’s team (strong women), Unanimous is the guy’s (the name they agreed on cause they couldn’t come up with anything else.)

  2. I can’t believe Teresa from the Jersey Housewives is
    on there, the way she has been treating her familiy and good friends on the show – I am surprised she has anyone supporting her now. I used to like her but,
    she is really wrapped up in herself now. It will be interesting to see how long she lasts on the show.

  3. I was very disappointed in how “the Donald” handled the “firing” on this first show. The women obviously EARNED the most money. Actually, the men only really EARNED $27,000 while the women EARNED ALL their money. I thought maybe Trump would let them all stay one more week. Very disappointed decision!!!

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