Celebrity Apprentice February 2, 2015 Who was fired 2/2/15

The drama continues tonight on the next episodes of Celebrity Apprentice. Expect a heated discussion between Vivica and Kenya. Will one of them be leaving tonight?

Another two set of tasks the teams has to complete. The first one is to create a hashtag and “photo bomb” campaign which is related to King’s Hawaiian while the second task is to create a 30-second jingle for the Bud Light Lime-a-Ritas beverages.

Again, Kenya and Vivica will have a very much heated argument which will also shock Donald Trump. According to him during a recent interview, tonight’s episode is one of the greatest in the show’s history.

Anyway, updates will be posted. While waiting for it, follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook for the results. The next candidates to get fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice’s 2/2/15 episode will be provided.

Update: Kenya Moore was fired. Ian Ziering was fired. Johnny Damon, Brandi Glanville also got fired.

TASK 1 – teams must create a King’s Hawaiian photo-bomb campaign that highlights the brand, including hashtags.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Johnny for Team Vortex and Kenya for Team Vortex



– Brandi suggests the “We rise to the occasion” concept.

– Ian gets a helicopter for this. They take pictures of NYC from the sky




– Kenya wants to have Hawaiian rolls superimposed over the models’ bottoms – buns over buns

– They went on the streets of NYC to take pictures.

– Kenya says Vivica is not thin enough to be included in the campaign



– Johnny says Leeza was his star when asked by Donald Trump.

– Kenya praises Geraldo

– Vivica says Kenya started off ok but then she was ignored by Kenya throughout the task.


WINNER – Team Infinity



– Kenya vs Vivica

– Kenya says Vivica is emotionally unstable

– Vivica calls Kenya a “toxic tric”.

– Kenya says Vivica tweeted about going through menopause. Vivica said she never tweeted about it and that Kenya stole her phone. Kenya denies it.

FIRED – Kenya



TASK 2 – teams must create a jingle for Bud Lite.

Leeza goes over to Team Vortex


PROJECT MANAGER – Leeza for Team Vortex and Brandi for Team Infinity.



– Geraldo wants a Latin sounding jingle

– Leeza wants a rowdy tune



– Brandi thinks Ian is so condescending and is full of ego

– Ian says his jingle but no one is impressed

– Brandi wants Johnny to write the jingle instead


WINNER – Team Vortex



– Brandi says Ian or herself should be fired, when asked.

– Brandi says Ian is too condescending.

– Ian says they could have won if they used his jingle, which has the same tune as “La Cucaracha”. So they still can’t use it even if they won.


FIRED – Ian, Johnny for he’s the reason they lost and Brandi for being the project manager.



Leeza Gibbons

Geraldo Rivera

Vivica Fox



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