Celebrity Apprentice February 26, 2012 Who was fired 2/26/12

The second episode of Celebrity Apprentice airs tonight, February 26, 2012. The Forte and Unanimous teams are going to do their next task. What challenges will they need to do tonight? Who will be the next contestant who gets eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice tonight?

Last week, both teams were able to run a deli sandwich store where they sold sandwiches for as much money as they could. Paul Teutul, Sr. was the project manager of Unanimous while it’s Patricia Velasquez for the Forte team. The men won the challenge so the women were in the final boardroom where one of them had to leave. The first artist that was sent home was Cheryl Tiegs.

Tonight, their task is to create an original Medieval times show in front of a live audience. Lisa Lampanelli is the project manager of the girls. We’re not sure who the project manager for the guys is. One of the team’s project manager will struggle with a team member. Could it be Lisa or it will be the other project manager? Meanwhile, there will be a serious injury tonight which will threaten to derail the show. Who do you think will it be?

Everything will come down to the audience vote tonight. There will be no punches pulled in the final boardroom. Do you want it to be like that, where the audience has the power on who will be eliminated? Boardroom advisors tonight include Donald Trump Jr. and James Lipton.

Who will be the second contestant who will be leaving? As usual, updates will be provided here. The one who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 2/26/12 results will be posted.

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Update: Victoria Gotti was fired.

Task – Create an original show for Medieval Times in front of a live audience

Unanimous project manager – Penn Jillette

– they made a show incorporating each person’s profession

Forte project manager – Lisa Lampanelli

– they made a parody of Real Housewives of New Jersey

– When asked who would she fire, she says Victoria and Dayana …and there goes the ladies, saying catty remarks.

Challenge winner – Unanimous team wins, getting a total of 363 558 votes. The women lost because their theme was too narrow and that it did not appeal to families or children. Their votes was 363.

Women (Forte) in the final boardroom where one will be fired.

Final Boardroom:

Lisa, Dayana and Victoria


** Adam Carolla did not participate in this week’s task because of a previous engagement.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice February 26, 2012 Who was fired 2/26/12

  1. Lisa was totally out of control while trying to control every one! She was critical and demeaning to her co-workers and demanded perfection from everyone but herself.

    She speaks over everyone even in the board room. She is loud, abrasive and classless.
    A project manager? None that I could see. A comedian? What’s funny about all the above?

  2. I don’t know why that nasty mouth b**** project manager didn’t get kicked off. If I was Victoria, everytime I see that big mouth hog, I would snub her.

  3. I agree. Lisa is a loud , nasty, classless person. She has no respect for herself or for any member of her team. I can’t beleive that Donald did not see through her. Donald “YOUR FIRED”

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