Celebrity Apprentice February 9, 2015 Who was fired 2/9/15

It’s the week before the finale and there are only three remaining celebrities left. What do you think of the three firings last episode? Will one or two return for another chance? What do you think of the final three? Would you have rather Vivica, Leeza and Geraldo got fired instead of Ian, Johnny and Brandi?

Anyway, they say there’s one more firing tonight, after the tasks, leaving the final two for next week’s finale. I’m not sure whether it’s Vivica and Leeza or Geraldo and Leeza to the final two. But for sure, one for them is Leeza.

Also, get to see the past six fired celebrities as they return to help the final two in their last challenge.

As always, updates will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook for tonight’s results. The final two and the candidate who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice’s 2/9/15 episode will be posted.

Update: Vivica got fired!

FINAL TWO – Leeza and Geraldo

FINAL TASK – They must create a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort and give a presentation.

Judging criteria – creativity, brand messaging, money raised and overall presentation.


Leeza’s team – Kevin Jonas, Johnny Damon, Brandi Glanville

Geraldo’s team – Vivica Fox, Lorenzo Lamas, Ian Ziering



– Kevin is assigned as the director

– LA Rocks gives a $120,000 donation

– Senior Helpers give a $50,000 donation

– Leeza gets Olivia-Newton John to perform for them

– Brandi and Johnny were tasked to go shopping for supplies but they went riding a roller coaster instead.



– Their team comes up with the “embrace your inner hero” concept

– Lorenzo assigned as the director with Vivica as assistant director




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