Celebrity Apprentice January 12, 2015 Who was fired 1/12/15

The challenges continue tonight on Celebrity Apprentice season 14. So far, three candidates got fired during the first week of the show – Keshia Knight Pulliam, Kevin Jonas and Gilbert Gottfried. Who will follow them?

Tonight’s project managers, according to spoilers are Jamie and Johnny. The task is a fitness advertorial and there’s a fundraising challenge.

Expect Ian and Geraldo’s rivaly to come to a head during this challenge while the housewives sharpen their claws. How do you feel about Geraldo? When do you think he’ll be fired?

Anyway, follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook for updates tonight. The team who wins the task and the next candidate who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice’s 1/12/15 episode will be posted.

Update: Jamie and Terrell got fired!

TASK 1 – Create a four-page fitness editor for Cosmopolitan magazine. Criteria – originality, creativity and overall presentation.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Jamie and Johnny


– Jamie wants to showcase their two Olympians but Kenya and Brandi thought a sexier idea would suit the magazine better.

– They hire male fitness models to help.

– Leeza is worried about their editorial



– Geraldo suggests on selfies being included. The team comes up with a “Love your selfie naked” idea.

– Johnny’s wife participates in the photo shoot.

– Ian poses with a female model for a pole-dancing ad.


WINNER – Team Vortex. Johnny wins $20,000 for his charity.


– Jamie says Kenya and Brandi caused too much drama on their side.

– Too much negativity in the boardroom especially between Kate and Brandi.

– Vivica says Kate and Brandi should be fired when asked due to the two driving her crazy.


FIRED – Jamie Anderson


TEAM INFINITY – Ian, Terrell, Johnny, Leeza, Brandi and Kenya

TEAM VORTEX – Geraldo, Lorenzo, Sig , Kate, Shawn and Vivica

TASK – Fundraising event

PROJECT MANAGERS – Ian and Geraldo



– Brandi avoids Kenya

– Ian is worried Brandi is isolating herself

– Brandi has a panic attach and goes missing

– Ian brings in his two Chippendale friends to help

– Ian gets $165,000 for his team



– Geraldo is confident he’ll raise enough money to win.

– Kate is worried she won’t bring money this time, but she asked some hair stylist friends to do a mini hair salon to give hair tips in their boutique

– The team gets $100,000 check from Geraldo’s contacts

– Kate got $30,000



Ian’s team raised $292,000 while Geraldo’s team raised $294,000



– Ian asks Donald Trump to top his charity off to $300,000. Trump says no at first but agrees after.

– Ian says no one let him down when asked.

– Brandi raised almost $40,000. Kenya raised $30,000



– Ian, Johnny and Terrell

– Ian says Terrell should be fired since he didn’t raise enough money.


FIRED – Terrell Owens

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