Celebrity Apprentice January 19, 2015 Who was fired 1/19/15

The drama continues tonight on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. Tonight’s episode title is “I Wish I Had A Project Manager”. Another cat fight will take place not just in the boardroom, but in the streets as well. Who’s going to get fired next?

There will be two tasks once again. Their first task is to launch a new Ivanka Trump “Power Up” Campagin. They must build an Ivanka Trump shoe boutique inside a media truck and have a marketing event for the launch.

The second task is to create a viral video for the Chock full o’Nuts new single serve coffee cups.

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Update: Shawn Johnson and Lorenzo Llamas got fired!

FIRST TASK – marketing event for Ivanka Trump’s shoe line

PROJECT MANAGERS – Vivica for Team Vortex and Kenya for Team Infinity

Guest – Joan Rivers



– Kenya wants a piano but Leeza thinks it’s a wrong choice since it seems too old fashioned

– Kenya and Brandi criticizing each other.

– Brandi and Leeza think Kenya is not leading correctly



– Shawn suggested to have a comfortable furniture for the women

– Vivica says during conferssional that Shawn has great ideas but didn’t step up as project manager

– Vivica, Lorenzo and Geraldo find out that the mobile boutique won’t find some couches so they inform the others about the change of plans

– Shawn is unhappy about it

– Tension arises between Vivica and Shawn because of the situation.

– Kate and Shawn were unhappy with the setup of a cafe. They don’t think it fits a shoe marketing event. But they chose to keep quite and will blame Vivica if they lose



– Vivica criticizes Shawn for not stepping up.


WINNER – Team Infinity


– Ivanka thinks Shawn is too laid back and didn’t have a lot of energy. Kate says Vivica overshadows everyone with her energy.



– Vivica, Kate and Shawn


Geraldo says Vivica is the strongest from the three when asked by Trump.


FIRED – Shawn Johnson


TASK 2 – Create a viral video for Chock full o’Nuts coffee company

PROJECT MANAGERS – Leeza for Team Infinity and Lorenzo for Team Vortex



– Geraldo to dance and sing the jingle and he’s excited.




– Ian comes up to have a gorilla at the top of the Empire State Building for the video.

– Leeza comes up with the highlighting the feud between Brandi and Kenya

– Brandi suggested to show the brand more but Ian doesn’t want to.


WINNER – Team Infinity



– Vivica says Kate should be fired for slowing down production

– Kate says Lorenzo should be fired for being in charge of the creative process

– Lorenzo is uncomfortable in bringing back two people into the boardroom


FIRED – Lorenzo Llamas

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