Celebrity Apprentice January 26, 2015 Who was fired 1/26/15

It’s Celebrity Apprentice week 4 tonight and there are 9 remaining celebrities left – 4 from Team Vortex and 5 from Team Infinity. Who’s going to get fired next?

The teams will be doing 2 sets of tasks once again. Who’s going to take the lead and who will just sit back and relax?

Titled “It’s Like A Booze Cruise With Knowledge”, the first task will be for the team to create and host an original boat tour of New York City for Circle Line while the second task is for them to turn an empty platform stage into a 3-dimensional themed environment which features world-class amenities Trump National Doral Miami Resort has to offer.

Major drama is about to happen tonight as one project manager has to protect herself from two of her teammates. That and more drama at the boardroom.

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Update: Sig Hansen got fired. Kate Gosselin got fired.

TASK 1 – Host a themed boat tour around New York City.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Sig for Team Vortex and Brandi for Team Infinity



– their theme is “The Sexiest Catch”

– Sig feels pressured to do well

– Sig wants Hooters into the ship



– their theme is Mardi Gras but then Brandi changed it

– Ian is frustrated they have to start again because of the change in concept

– new theme is a generic New York party theme


WINNER – Team Infinity



– Kate thinks Sig should be fired because he brought the Hooter girls

– Vivica agreed that Sig should be fired.

– Sig wants to stay but Trump says a lot of responsibilities fell on him


FIRED – Sig Hansen



TASK 2  – create an interactive themed environment which will highlight Trumps newest luxury result – The Trump National Dora in Miami, Florida.

Contestants are switched again.

Kenya joins Team Vortex.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Ian for Team Infinity and Kate for Team Vortex



– Geraldo has an idea to create a mascot for the hotel

– Vivica and Kenya have reservations about it

– Kate wants Kenya to buy props but Kenya thinks it would be better helping create presentation



– Ian says this it what he excels in

– Leeza and Brande got no idea what Ian is talking about

– At the resort, everyone in the team, except Ian wants to move a sign saying “Doral” toward the front



– Kate speaks highly of her team.

– When asked who the weakest member was, she said it’s the problem between Kenya and Kate

– Ian says his weakest member is Johnny


WINNER – Team Infinity

Team Vortex lost because they missed the mark on luxury.


FIRED – Kate Gosselin.



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