Celebrity Apprentice March 10, 2013 Who was fired 3/10/13

It’s the Celebrity Apprentice: All Star episode 2 tonight! For the first time ever. the teams leave New York City and go to Orlando’s Universal Studios for a whirlwind task. Of course, they will board Donald Trump’s personal airplane for a task at Universal Orlando Resort. Who will be the project managers for this task?

The task for tonight in the episode titled “Just as Simple as Making Soup”, is to create a 3D, interactive photo experience that supports Universal Orlado’s new marketing campaign. There’s a risk again tonight from one team. They will risk a big loss when their project manager cannot commit to an idea. Meanwhile, the other team cowers in fear of their tyrannical leader. Omarosa is one of the project managers. Is she the tyrannical leader? Who is the indecisive one? Speculations say the other project manager is Penn Jillette. He could be the one who couldn’t make concrete decisions, but how?

Anyway, with two different approaches to the task, the outcome still depends on the preferences of the Universal Executives. One team will win the challenge, while the other will go the final boardroom where one will be sent home. Spoilers say those in danger could be Dee Snider or La Toya Jackson. How did that happen? We’ll find out tonight.

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Update: Dee Snider was fired.

Power Project Manager – Omarosa

Plan B Project Manager – Dee Snider

TASK – create a 3D photo experience which will be judged based on creativity, integration of the marketing campaign, and guest experience.

** Trace Atkins wasn’t able to participate because of a previous engagement. He booked a cruise with Blake Shelton.



– Omarosa and team planned to feature Harry Potter, Despicable Me and Spiderman (this one Omarosa thought without her team knowing about it)

– Omarosa wants the 3D stuff even if there’s no time. She also didn’t care even if the Orlando part of the sign is hidden.

– Everyone in the team expects Omarosa to take all the credit.



– Dee’s team went with cutouts of the celebrities.

– Lisa liked Dee as the project manager.


WINNING TEAM – Omarosa’s team (Power)

Her team was more creative and interactive, even though the brand messaging was poorly given.

Omarosa wins $40,000 for her charity.


FINAL BOARDROOM – Dee Snider, Gary Busey, Stephen Baldwin


FIRED – Dee Snider

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  1. Did not Rod B., the former govt of Ill, get on a jet and could not figure out his Smart Phone/Pad a couple of years go? What this going o Orlando be the second Trump’s Jet flight?

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