Celebrity Apprentice March 11, 2012 Who was fired 3/11/12

A new task awaits the contestants on Celebrity Apprentice tonight, March 11, 2012. The women won last week’s challenge. But will they win again tonight? From which team will the next contestant who gets eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice episode 4 belongs to?

Joe Giudice is the guest for tonight as the teams are tasked to create a presentation to launch the new Buick Verrano. They must product a live event for the car to a live and online audience. The men’s project manager selection will be put into question while the women will be divided as half of them feel shut out by their leader.

Adam Carolla is the project manager for the Unanimous team while it’s Debbie Gibson for Forte team. Why would Adam Carolla being the choice of the men be put to question? Who among the team members will feel shut out by Debbie Gibson?

Debbie have posted over on her blog that she has been called condescending. She also said this “When you are project manager it is such a surreal and strange whirlwind that at times I could barely breathe and I  sure I had my snippy moments. Not going to deny that!” Makes sense if one is responsible for the team’s success, in our opinion. What do you think?

Meanwhile, there’s going to be a shocking result at a heated boardroom tonight. Donald Trump’s decision will surprise everyone and there are speculations that there will be a double elimination in tonight’s episode titled “Failure to Launch”. They say over at a forum that it could be Adam or Tia who could be fired this week. Could that be true? If so, something might have happened which cause one from each team to be leaving. What could it be?

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Update: Adam Carolla has been fired. Michael Andretti has been fired. Thoughts?

Unanimous project manager – Adam Carolla. Adam says he races vintage cars. Thus making him feel more suited to this task than Michael Andretti.

Forte project manager – Debbie Gibson

Challenge winner – Forte

Donald Trump tells the guys that he’s going to fire 2 people tonight. The girls are shocked. They were told to turn of their television as well.

The gentlemen were asked to go back. Adam couldn’t bring 2 people back so all of them came back. Donald Trump tells him he’s a good manager but fires him.

They grill Michael Andretti why he didn’t step up since he’s the most knowledgeable among his teammates about cars.

22 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 11, 2012 Who was fired 3/11/12

  1. Actually, when I posted that, it had been determined that the ladies had won. Now Adam mans-up….and they can two of the guys. Bye Bye Adam and Michael!

  2. I believe there is no rhyme or reason or who wins. Just try to keep it interesting each week. If there were true winners, it would always be the men; the women this year are just too weak!

    • Not to mention the pop star chick, not Debbie Gibson who’s a complete ditz but the other one said the freaking name wrong twice in the damnnnn presentation.

      Affirmative action calls all the way on THIS show. 99% of them are complete idiots I wouldn’t hire to do jack frankly. They’re nothing but Hollywood people and they can’t even remember lines and the name of the product except Paul Sr with his own businesses for 40 years….but that dumb “you suck’ line Corolla gave him didn’t help.

      And you know when the Hulk starts twitching he’s about to rip through his shirt and start crying and whining about his immigrant bs. STF and quit your whining man.

  3. The men would have won if they left out that idiotic tirade by Senior….thats what sucked, not Adam or the presentation.

  4. Very disappointed in Trump. My husband and I agreed that if Michael stepped up as project manager he would of had Adam emcee anyway! That was the lamest excuse for firing ever. Trump didn’t get his way and acting like a spoiled brat. Lou shouldn’t be there. And seriously again Trump doesn’t get his way when Adam offers himself up so he punishes the team! Grow up Trump. You might be important somewhere but you are losing my respect. And after I was really impressed with your choices the last few weeks. I really thought you where going to be different this year.

  5. That was some serious BS. Adam was great, the presentation rocked, and the women are only “winning” so that Trump can keep them around to fight and whine. I’m glad the men finally called Lou out on his two-faced boardroom performances. The men’s team totally got robbed this week, and the show will be 90% less funny without Adam.

  6. this show was unbelieveable. while they didn’t use andretti as much as they should have, no way were the girls better than the guys. lou is right. he is underused. why? marlee matlin is hearing impaired, but she did a great job. i think lou needs to be project manager and show what he can do, but shame on his fellow teammates treating him like he is useless. it’s just wrong.

  7. Just because Andretti “knows” cars does not mean that he should have been the leader of that project. Adam was a much better choice. Trump et al, exhibited a naivete about good business leaders that confounded me- Adams example of Fantasy Football was a good explanation. Trump obviously had his mind made up beforehand.

  8. No doubt about it THE GUYS WON but were robbed of the victory!! Trump compounded the mess by firing the wrong guys!!!!, Mr. Trump “going GREEN” does not mean keeping LOU!!!!!!!!!!! He does not help the environment or the show…..Shame on you! Incredible Hulk is soooo over.

  9. I call shenanigans!

    1. Trump punished Adam for loyalty, something he says he values. Buick is a failing brand because of the morons in their marketing,

    2. The women not only lost, they FAILED, no debate, mispronounced the name, didn’t have answers to questions, Aubrey LIED in her presentation.

    3. They didn’t like Michael Andretti, he is not an actor or performer, he was WELL represented doing what a driver should do, praising the car, the men were right not to ask him to do more.

    Buick comes off as stupid, and I really think they chose the women because Adam pointed out how fail they are with choosing Tiger Woods.

    Trump comes off poorly as well for firing somebody who was loyal and took responsibility.

  10. If Penn gets fired it may not be worth watching anymore. Women are completely boring aside from Lisa Lampinelli.

    They hurt the show by firing Adam. Watching the men gang up on the Hulk next week will not be as fun as anything they do with Adam around, and beating up on the Hulk would be better with Adams wit.

    I say it is Penn and Dee Snyder at the finale! Women are all duds!

  11. Last Sunday Episode: March 11, 2012
    I watched the show twice so I could determine for myself who should have taken the win. It is my opinion that the guys won this project. Adam Carroll managed his team well, selling all the benefits, bells and whisles of this car.
    The girls….not so good. It was more about them than the car.
    Mr. Trumph, you tired to force your opinion on the guys as to who should have been the project manager.
    GM auto representatives were dissapointed that Michael didn’t take lead, and therefore didn’t given GM the endorcement they wanted ( they propably promised the CEO this endorcement). So GM gave the win to the girls.
    ……Adam Carroll is the rock of this episode’s Celebrity Apprentice and I am truely dissapointed that he was fired. Adam is right in saying he was sure of the win. They should have won!!!
    Mr. Trumph, it is your show and you can do what you wish, but it was obvious to we fans what transpired. YOU Mr. Trumph were used and lead by GM. The sponsors ruled this one.

  12. the guys clearly won. this was a no brainer.

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