Celebrity Apprentice March 17, 2013 Who was fired 3/17/13

Tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice will be full of drama. It’s not just the task that will involve a soap opera, but also drama among the celebrity contestants. Who will be the project managers this week? What drama is involved?

The task for the teams tonight will be to create a Soap Opera themed commercial for Crystal Light. The project manager for the Power team will be La Toya Jackson while the project manager for the Plan B team is Stephen Baldwin.

Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner will be helping the all-stars perform their task.

Titled “I’m Being Punked by a Jackson”, they say tonight’s episode will be one of the season’s most dramatic outbursts, in which a project manager will go head-to-head with an insubordinate team member while the other team will threaten to mutiny when their manager’s dictator-like style rubs them the wrong way. Will Stephen Baldwin be the dictator-like manager or is he going head-to-head with an insubordinate team member?

Also, they say one will walk off the show tonight. Who could it be?

Speculations say that La Toya will be the one to be fired tonight. If that is so, that means the Power team loses the task. Who will she bring with her to the final boardroom? Could Omarosa be included?

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Update: La Toya Jackson got fired.

TASK – write, direct and act in a 5 minute Crystal Light mini soap opera. Teams will be judged on audience reaction, creativity, execution, and brand messaging.

Arsenio Hall will be joining in the boardroom.

Project managers – La Toya Jackson and Stephen Baldwin



Claudia is worried no one knows how to act

Omarosa says she’s an actress and comes up with a housewives theme.

La Toya doesn’t trust Omarosa and they had an argument.

Omarosa left the while in rehearsal and didn’t come back until before the play began.



Stephen says his team consists of all stars, except for Gary.



The executives of Crystal Light were really happy that product customization was central to the story and theme for Stephen’s team, and they loved Trace. However, they only used one of the two products. The executives were also confused why Susan Lucci’s appearance was so limited. With regards to La Toya’s team, they like the scene, loved the use of both of the products but they felt it was rushed and chaotic. Plus, the branding was not as well integrated.


WINNER – Plan B. Stephen wins $50,000 for his charity.


FINAL BOARDROOM – La Toya, Brande and Dennis.

Omarosa wasn’t brought since La Toya is afraid Trump won’t get rid of Omarosa.


Fired – La Toya Jackson

15 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 17, 2013 Who was fired 3/17/13

  1. Not watching until Omarosa is fired is funny. One of the things you should observe is that Trumps LOVES her! Therefore, listen to him when he speaks and he compliment her all the times. So, you have to wait a while, unless she does something so crazy it will have no choice. Omarosa loves to go at people and can fight herself out of anything.

  2. Omarosa is simply disgusting…What Trump sees in her I don’t understand.
    Why is she EVER on any TV show is beyond me.
    It is evident she in incapable of ever telling the truth..

  3. Its ashame Latoya got kicked off instead of that low life Omarosa. Its ashame you have to become a cut throat to get where you want instead of being a decient human being. She should not even be on the show or anything else she is a cheat, thief, self centered and a liar. I would never let her anywhere near my place of business. If you cannot run a business with honest decient people then you should not be in business.

  4. Omarosa is a ignorant big mouth-that is it! I wish she would get kicked off the show. She does nothing but cause trouble! In other words, she is worthless.

  5. omarosa needs to be roasted
    and baked in oven on high
    shes evil deceitful certainly spiteful
    and thinks what a good girl am i
    her time will come
    and she will be done
    toot a loo goodbye

  6. Donald, You just lost an a fan of the apprentice. I turned it off before you fired someone. Omarosa ruined the show…not fun to watch anymore. Maybe next year I’ll check it out again.
    You should find a way to keep Gary Busey on your show. He’s a lovable nutcase which kepy me watching.

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