Celebrity Apprentice March 18, 2012 Who was fired 3/18/12

It’s a new episode of Celebrity Apprentice tonight, March 18, 2012. Both teams have won two challenges and looks like the women’s team, which was struggling during the first tasks, are becoming strong. Are they, really? Which team will win tonight’s task? Which team will be at the final boardroom? Who among these celebrities will get eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice episode 5?

The task for the teams tonight is to produce a viral video which promotes O-Cedar’s Pro-Mist Mop. They must write, produce and edit a viral video for the product. The project manager for Unanimous is Lou Ferrigno while the project manager for Forte is Tia Carrere. The men will turn on each other and half of the team will try to protect their leader. Meanwhile, the women will go out on a limb with an indecent concept.

Two from the men’s team got fired last week, Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti. Carolla was fired for refusing to bring back two teammates and taking complete responsibility for losing the task while Andretti was kicked off for not stepping up as project manager on a task that was fit for his kind of job. Will it happen again tonight, where two contestants will be sent home?

There are speculations that the person who leaves tonight is Tia Carrere. If that’s so, that means the men’s team won the challenge. Who will Tia bring with her at the final boardroom if ever? Tonight’s episode is titled “I’m Going to Mop the Floor with You” by the way.

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Update: Tia Carrere was fired. She asked Donald Trump that if she brings two person with her at the final boardroom if there’s a possibility she won’t be fired. When Trump said no, she took responsibility of the team’s failure.

Unanimous project manager – Lou Ferrigno

Forte project manager – Tia Carrere

Task – create a viral video feature O-Cedar’s Pro-Mist Mop

The women made a funny video but it focuses less on the product while the men featured the product more with Lou Ferrigno in the video himself promoting the product. Mr. Trump questions the women what their concept is – “What is your number?”, the women answers it’s how many mops they’ve had in their lives.

Challenge winner – Unanimous

Donald Trump said that was an amazing boardroom, after the women left.

3 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 18, 2012 Who was fired 3/18/12

  1. I totally agreed with Clay Aiken standing up and telling the whole team that he was frustrated that certain members on the team, one in particular, was trying to through Lou under the bus, and how the comedian pouted and would not listen when Clay tried to explain to him the impression he gave everyone.
    Ladies, get a frikin grip!!! The redhead, the comedian, and now Debbie is part of their clic seem to be gunning for Miss Universe, and a few others who are not as loud and obnoxious as they are!!! Yes Donald, that was an amazing boardroom!!!!

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