Celebrity Apprentice March 20, 2011 Who was fired 3/20/11

Celebrity Apprentice March 20, 2011 is another episode of the NBC reality series which is now on its fourth season. One from each team were sent home already. Who will be the next to be leaving? Will it be from the ladies’ team or the men’s team? Who gets fired on Celebrity Apprentice 3/20/11 results?

The third task for the contestants will be to create an outdoor camping experience. The project manager from the Backbon team is Gary Busey while the project manager for the A.S.A.P. team is Marlee Matlin. Who will be the winning team and who will lose the challenge?

Lisa Rinna was fired last week and many think what Dionne and Starr did were really appalling. Do you agree? Usually, the manager was the one who was asked to leave and the same case happenned to Lisa. Will it happen again tonight?

Anyway, we’ll give updates on the episode again. The one who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice March 20, 2011 results will be here as always.

Update: Niki Taylor was fired;

35 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 20, 2011 Who was fired 3/20/11

  1. I am very upset and offended to be labeled illiterate and having less education because I am big fan of country music and big fan of camping. I have news for everybody I have college degree and imagine what you need education to be able to afford trailer or bus like those you are in. never I got label low life because I go camping multiple time a year and because I love country music. That comment reay Pissed me off.

  2. Is anyone else shocked & disgusted at the actions & remarks of Dionne and Starr? They are bullies. Manipulating, intimidating, lying bullies. They are really making jerks of themselves. Disrespectful and absolutely rude. If thats what it takes to be “famous” and a “legend” I am shocked.

  3. I had heard rumors that STAR JONES was a beeach…so seeing her on CA just confirms the truth about the rumors. Now Dionee W. OMG Queen Beeach. I am shocked!!!!!

  4. I completely agree with Jill. Dionne and Starr are complete hateful manipulating bullies. They are making complete fools of thereselves. I am shocked at Donald Trump for not recognizing this. Hope they get fired asap.

  5. I am shocked Nikki was fired! Dionne and Star are the most prejudiced people I have seen on a TV show! Dionne should have been removed at the very beginning. You watch and before long it will be just the 2 bitches left.

  6. that dionne walks around like she is looking for her lost crack pipe (forget where you hid it) cant stand that dried up old whore. then there is starr go get another tummy tuck i think all that loose skin is your brain power fatty mcratty pig rosie odenell had you pegged right nobody likes you even youre dog hates you.you lying bug eyed crack whore you are so desperate you had to marry a fudge packer that was in love with with youre money instead of youre fat ass boo hoo hoo and why does that donald (bad hair day all day) trump seem to take their side all the time (does he smoke crack with them there women after the cameras are turned off has to cause there is a reason for hair like that ba ha ha

  7. i can”t believe that starr and dionne are still there. what is it gonna take to get them fired. they are bullies and think they know it all.

  8. Dionne and Star should have both been fired on week 1! They are horrible and bossy to everyone. I was shocked the first week and decided to give them another shot-last night and they
    they were the same. TERRIBLE

  9. Starr & dionne are doing a fine job. They are not there to make friends. Its a competition and they have to get rid of the weakest links. Lisa Rinna deserved to be fired because she was certainly weak. Trump certainly didn’t get where he is today by being a wuss.

  10. I thought it was funny when marlee, who i love, said she would kick off dionne because she was a bully and tried to intimidate people and that she didnt know if she was a legend or not!!! Dionne seems very mean!

  11. I cannot stand Dianne Warrick. She is so mean & thinks she is all it, but really she is a hasbeen drug addict. The combover better not run for president of the United States. He is so creepy. Last week, I felt bad for Lisa Rinna, she is a neat person. Niki Taylor was okay, at least she tried to keep the peace. Bug eyes always thought she was all it, just because she was a lawyer… big deal. Go get some surgery on those funky eyes!

  12. Now, now, friends it is coming down the pipe for Starr and Dionne. Sit back and watch! You/we all have a ring side seat. You can only dog people for so long……..it’s coming and it is going to be on time. Trust me on that!
    We love you Lisa Rinna!

  13. Are you kidding me? If Dionne or Gary don’t get the boot in the next week I am changing the channel on Sunday night. Nikki had a heart of gold. What happen to the concept of leaders who require “Emotional Intelligence?” This is not 1980 Donald…. Move on and create more realistic tasks that reflect the skills required for success in this decade.

  14. To the above comment composers…. IT’S A SHOW. The time you spend channeling your unfounded hate is much appreciated by Starr Jones, Dionne Warwick, and Mr. Trump himself. Lastly, and most importantly, remember that they are reading these reviews from thier penthouse apartments while sipping on a glass of cabernet while relaxing in the Jacuzzi tubs in thier living room:)

  15. Starr and Dionne are doing what they are supposed to do and that is to take out the enemy in order to win. That’s why Starr Jones won as the project manager. Lisa Rinna lacked the leadership skills that Starr has. When it comes to the work place black women usually are described as intimidating, but white women are manipulating on every level, especially around the white boss like in Rinna case. They love to play the dansel in distress. “OH POOR ME, I COULDN’T DO THE JOB BECAUSE OF THE MEAN OLD BLACK LADIES”. WAH! WAH! WAH! Most of the time White women lack true leadership skills and they get by on their looks or by who they know.

  16. Dionne and Star and the other women of color on the team did nothing short of bullying the white ladies on a constant basis. Lisa R. spoke up about this treatment, but Trump did nothing, (perhaps he is afraid he will lose the black audience if he tells the truth) Coward! Lisa tried to tell the truth about the bullying and was fired. Niki Taylor did the only thing she could and that was keep the truth about the racism and bullying shown to her and the other white ladies on the show, and take the blame. Seems the black ladies would prefer to have the white ladies submissive so they can control them with the race card. Dare not tell the truth about a black racist or you will be called prejudice. Makes no sense at all. I am so tired of the disrespect the blacks have shown the white ladies on the apprentice. It is shameful.

  17. WOW!! Everyone is making a big deal out of nothing!! This is not about race, this is about going in and getting a job done. I agree 100% with Marella. If people are intimidated by a strong black woman and her leadership skills, then oh well. This is not The Weakest Link people!!! Lisa nor Niki had a backbone and at the end of the day, it is what it is…………

  18. there’s a old saying if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. don’t get mad at starr and dionne for standing up for themselves—get mad with rinna and lisa for not being able stand the heat in the kitchen

  19. WOW!!!! My first comment mentioned what rude people Starr and Deonne are. I said nothing about race, or business style or any other stuff you defenders of the out right rude and condisending people. I understand business, I own a multi-million dollar corporation. I follow Mr. Trump’s business philosophies and when Mr. Trump sees the actions and the comments of these two people, I am positive he would be dissapointed and not endorse their behavior as “good business”. Starr covers her butt due to her legal knowledge but Deonne is outright rude and hateful. Mr. Trump would not tolerate employees like those two ladies in any of his endeavors. They are bad eggs now matter what color or gender they are.

  20. I being a black female can agree that Starr and Dionne are just to angry Black women. Can’t Donald see it, and he should put up with thre behavior. People like that aren’t winners there leeches. Good leaders lead not destroy. Donald WAKEUP!

  21. being a black female can agree that Starr and Dionne are just two angry Black women. Can’t Donald see it, and he should put up with thre behavior. People like that aren’t winners their haters. Good leaders lead not destroy. Donald WAKEUP! I’m disgusted with that behavior being rewarded and it is rewared in cooperate American and I dispise it and a good manager would allow Donald!

  22. If the future can be predicted by the past, the next one off will be an intelligent, gracious and lovely lady. Jealousy is an ugly thing!

  23. I concur, Jill. I was wondering if these posts would start to lean that way- race card; prejudice, anyone who disagrees with Dionne or Starr’s tactics would be labeled racist, or conversely those who agree with Star/Dionne- and they themselves -would be labeled prejudiced against whites etc. I do not like the way those women have acted on the show either, but I don’t feel I should be labeled a racist for thinking that way.

  24. Come on man there is no race card here well yes there is the raciest or Star and Dionne .Mrs Rodney Pete really won the last one if not for Brett getting the sympathy vote. She happens to be a strong intelligent woman with a lot of business savy.Star and Dionne old school who as me I am black and it’s a crutch us sisters have a chip on our shoulder . Come on man it’s 2011 the presidents black and so was Mrs Pete. That old school the man is keeping me down is over we are all people and that is it we all got to this great country on a boat unless your native American.

  25. i want to go in another direction, what is wrong with donalds daughters MOUTH??????? she looks like her teeth don’t fit in!!!!!!!!! she slurs her words and talks funny!!!!! i know she’s smart but she has a real hard time talking!!!!!!! maybe she shouldn’t talk so much!!!!!!!

  26. I think Star and Dionne were nasty to Lisa and back stabbers. Star is just full of herself and Dione should fade into the sunset,

    In my opinion and many others this is the worst Celebrity Apprentice since this show started. The women scream one another and act like children in the Board room

    Star is just too hard to take and maybe that is why she is also off of The View

  27. This has nothing to do with what race we are. Star Jones and Dionne Warwick are just two rude, hateful women. Come on Donald wake the hell up!

  28. The producers (or the powers that be) know exactly what they’re doing by keeping Starr and Dione – those gals are bringing in the ratings! Personally, I can’t stand them and Starr should have been fired over Lisa. Starr already won $169 thousand for her charity so the Donald should’ve fired her just for that reason. I mean, it is all for charity, isn’t it?

  29. Oh my Goodness, this morning I’m listening to the news and I find out the Donald is a birther. Done watching the show period. He’s an idoit that got rich. Done with the entire thing. My last post here. Don’t even want to think about Him or his show ever again!

  30. This is the worst season of women ever. Star Jones, Dionne Warwick and NeNE are such backstabbing, lying, self-absorbed
    bunch of witches ever. Lila Rinner, and Nicki were fired because
    they were the project manager and lost. Neither would say a negative word about their team. What happened this week when
    MS NENE was project Manager ? She wasn’t fired. If Donald Trump is doing this for a “reality” factor, he just lost the best group of fans ever. As of last night, I’m DONE. Before I finish for good, why is the audio engineer always taping Star Jones and nobody else? I am so tired of hearing her mouth every few seconds, I could throw something at my tv. Do the others ever speak??? From what I’ve seen, either the audio engineer is in love with Star or just doesn’t know how to do his job. We would have loved to hear from somebody elses’ mouth.

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