Celebrity Apprentice March 24, 2013 Who was fired 3/24/13

It’s the Celebrity Apprentice – All Stars episode four tonight! Another challenge awaits the teams. Who will be this week’s project managers and what will be their task? Will the Power team lose the challenge again? If so, will Omarosa be taken to the final this time or her teammates will think it will be useless since she won’t be fired anyway?

For tonight’s task, the contestants are going to use a glass truck in order to create a marketing campaign for Farouk’s Systems Products.

Titled “Men in Black are Gonna Come Get Him”, their marketing skills will be tested as they promote Farouk Systems products using a glass truck. What concept will each team come up with? The project managers are Claudia Jordan and for Power and Marilu Henner for Plan B. One team will be struggling to find harmony with a troublemaker on their team. Meanwhile, on the other team, one of them will be labeled a weak player. Who could this weak player be?

There are speculations that Claudia is the one eliminated tonight. But what’s most interesting is who will she bring with her to the final boardroom. Will she bring Omarosa or will she be like Brande and La Toya?

Anyway, updates on tonight’s episode will be posted, as always. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for it. The next player who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice’s 3/24/13 results will be provided.

Update: Claudia got fired!

TASK – Create an interactive glass truck experience for Biosilk and Chi

Power project manager – Claudia Jordan

Plan B project manager – Marilu Henner



Gary was the comedian, Trace climbed on top of the truck with his guitar. Penn juggled fire.



They had an American theme with Lil Jon dressed up as Uncle Sam.



Claudia says Brande is the team’s MVP while Dennis and Omarosa did nothing.

Marilu says Gary is the weakest player.


CHALLENGE WINNER – `Power. Marilu won $50,000 for her charity.


FINAL BOARDROOM – Claudia, Dennis, Lil Jon.


Fire – Claudia

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 24, 2013 Who was fired 3/24/13

  1. I thank you sooo mcuh for this omg hugeeee help…but just little thing you mixed the teams up….. claudia and lil jon on team Power and Gary and Marilu on team Plan B 🙂

  2. Omarosa will win because nobody has the guts to stand up to the bitch and tell her she is lazy,obnoxious and m
    outhy. Why does Donald keep bringing her back, he loves to see fear in everyone but himself. She only works hard when she is the project manager, let her be manager every week til we are rid of her once and for


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