Celebrity Apprentice March 25, 2012 Who was fired 3/25/12

It will get catty again on Celebrity Apprentice March 25, 2012. It sure is getting more and more interesting as the celebrities do different challenge each week. Last week, the men won the challenge. Will they win again tonight? Find out the next person who gets eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice episode 6.

The celebrities’ task will be to create and host a crystal light mocktail party to launch a new crystal light mocktail flavor. Titled “Part Like a Mock-Star”, they must put on a party promoting Cyrstal Light. The project manager for Unanimous team is Clay Aiken while the project manager for Forte team is Aubrey O’Day. The men will create the ultimate beach experience, complete with beach balls and bikini babes. Clay Aiken will sing at their party while Lou serves as the bartender. The ladies will create an exotic Garden of Eden with Debbie Gibson performing at their party.

Of course, tension arises as they prepare for their events, especially they got one day to pull it off. Who will win this challenge? Spoilers say Unanimous wins. Thus, it’s some of the women at the final boardroom again. Who will Aubre bring along with her? Donald Trump is on the war path and tears will flow.

By the way, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb from the “Today Show” are the special guests for tonight.

Will Aubrey, being the project manager for tonight’s episode, be the one who will leave when they lose the challenge? We’ll provide updates here, as always. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for the results. Find out who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 3/25/12. Results and other highlights during the show will be here as well.

Update: Patricia was fired because of the mistake she made with the Pom-tini and Crystal Light banner.

Unanimous project manager – Clay Aiken

Forte project manager – Aubrey O’Day

Task – throw as Crystal Light Mocktail party


– They have Peach Belini. Clay suggests to use the term “Life’s a Beach” statement and set up a beach theme. Their state however is “Life’s a Peach”



– They have Pom-tini. They came up with the pomegranate as the forbidden fruit. Thus, they have the Adam & Eve theme with a slogan “Stir Your Healthy Desires”


Boardroom with Donald Trump

– The ladies think they win this challenge. No catty remarks yet. Everyone think they did a great job. But Teresa would fire Dayana if they lose. Lisa also said she would fire Dayana. Dayana says she would fire Aubrey. When asked who would she bring back, Aubrey said Dayana and Patricia.

– With the men’s team, they think Clay is a great player. He was asked who would he bring back. He said Dee/Lou/Paul


Challenge winner – Unanimous. Clay wins $50,000 for his charity


Women in the boardroom:

– Aubrey was crying because of her charity first, second because of her passion with her job, third because of losing. But when asked whom she would fire, she said Dayana. Teresa would also fire Dayana.

– Debbie says they couldn’t afford it if Aubrey would be fired because she is behind the creativity of their past challenges. Dayana stood up and said that the past four challenges they lost, Aubrey was the creative director.


Final boardroom:

– Aubrey, Dayana and Patricia

– Aubrey was extremely upset for losing. She said she has been an invaluable player in every single task. She also said it’s not always the project manager who should be fired.

– Aubrey should fire Dayana.

– Dayana says again that of all the 4 tasks in which they lost, Aubrey is in charge of the creative side.

– Patricia admitted there was a printing mistake on this task, where the size of the Pom-tini brand is bigger than Crystal Light.

– Donald Trump said it amazes him that they fight, then when someone was fired, they hug as if they really like each other.




19 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 25, 2012 Who was fired 3/25/12

  1. Any updates yet. Please dont tell me Aubrey got fired. I will stop watching if she did. Her and lisa are the smartest and most talented people on the show. If Aubrey is fired the women better prepare to lose every task because the brains on their team is gone.

  2. Patricia was fired. Wish it was Aubrey, I’m tired of listening to her talk…she blames everyone and takes no responsibility. It’ll be good to see it co-ed and how she interacts with Men on her team. She yapped so much about how creative and important she is but the fact that they’ve lost 4 of the 6 tasks see to allude her…

  3. I was appalled to find that the ladies lost the task tonight. Hands down they were the best. The executives got it wrong and if the choice.is any indication kf how they plan to market the new crystal light they may not see the results they want. Great job Aubrey and the rest of the ladies. Also, Patricia refused to have someone proof her materials so.she.should be fired, in my opinion. My TV turned to an upcoming show I recorded and I did not see who was.fired.

  4. Also it seems that Donald Sr and Donald Jr are.smitten with Diana. So I dont expect them to fire her until they have no other choice. It”s amazing how men always fall prey to a pretty face and nice body. She is fairly decent on tasks but she.is not a leader.

  5. Aubrey is NO TEAM player…unless it is Team AUBREY. She killed Danity Kane and she’ll kill this team as well. I have never really liked her and she just proves my point every single week with her disgusting display of self involvement.

  6. I was shocked the women lost. I also agree they should have won hands down. They really did a smashing job.
    Also, people that do not like the show do not have to watch it nor should they make such disguesting low life comments.
    Get a life or go out a do something good for the world.

  7. Fat Lisa Lampnelli and Dumbo Audery are teaming up against each other. They claim to be creative but creative my asx. If they were so creative they wouldn’t be losing 4 out of 5 contest. Sir Don sees that but does not say anything. He wants the Drama queens Audrey and Lisa to continue. I would not be surprised to find out that Lisa & Audrey have some secret sexual relations.

  8. The two big mouths, Lisa and Aubrey. Granted they are the most creative, but sooo annoying. They wear on you. They think there is no one better than them and they say it over and over again with attitude. Hey Donald keeps them because they spice up the show, otherwise it probably would be a tad dull. Unfortunately I feel asleep the last 20 minutes, but I am not surprised that Patricia was fired. She wanted to do the signage all by herself. Guess that didn’t work. Poor Debbie Gibson. The girl can’t sing.

  9. Lisa is not even slightly funny. I don’t know how she earns a living being a comedianne. Her, Aubrey, and Debbie (whoever she is) are nothing but bossy bullies – can’t stand any of them. But I can’t believe any of the other women haven’t had the guts to stand up to these 3 and say it to their face. Any time one of the other ladies says something, Lisa rolls her eyes. I guess those 3 need to be man handled and put in their place once and for all and I’ll be laughing my butt off!!!

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