Celebrity Apprentice March 3, 2012 Who was fired 3/3/13 Premiere

It’s the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice 6 tonight! Also dubbed as Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars, favorites from the past five seasons return tonight for another chance to win for their charity. Are you excited to see your favorite contestants back again?

Titled “The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House”, the first challenge for the 14 returning celebrities is to create and sell meatballs in a fundraising competition for charity. The project manager of each team (Plan B and Power) have their own different approaches. One decides to take an unorthodox approach and risks mission failure, while the other immediately deals with an internal power struggle. Which team will succeed? The fundraising for both teams will set a new record for the first task. However, only one project manager will take it all and the losing team will go to the final boardroom, where one returning contestant will get fired for the second time.

Who will be the project managers for tonight? Which team will win the challenge?

Anyway, results will be provided once again, every week to find out who was sent home. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or join us on Facebook to get the latest on the show. Who will be the first contestant who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 3/3/13? Results will be posted.

Here are the Celebrity Apprentice 2013 contestants. Who are your favorites?

Trace Adkins – season 1
Stephen Baldwin – season 1
Gary Busey – season 4
Marilu Henner – season 1
Penn Jillette – season 5
Lisa Rinna – season 4
Dee Snider – season 5


La Toya Jackson – season 4
Lil Jon – season 4
Claudia Jordan – season 2
Omarosa – season 1
Bret Michaels – season 3
Brande Roderick – season 2
Dennis Rodman – season 2

Update: Bret Michaels got fired tonight!

Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins are the captains who will select their team members.

Bret’s team (Power)- Omarosa, Lil Jon, Brande Roderick, La Toya Jackson, Claudia Jordan, Dennis Rodman

Trace’s team (Plan B) – Penn Gillette, Dee Snider, Marilu Henner, Stephen Baldwin, Lisa Rinna, Gary Busey

Power was based on Omarosa rapping and Plan B was a birth control device.


POWER PROJECT MANAGER – Brande Roderick (she got down on her hands and knees to be the project manager)



Piers Morgan is the guest judge this week.


Challenge – make meatballs.


Power team – Brande is evil. She doesn’t trust Dennis La Toya doesn’t like her. Bret thought he made a bad decision of not taking the task as the project manager.

Plan B – Stephen decided to withhold his fundraising abilities until he’s the project manager.


Power team has a long line while Plan B’s restaurant is closed. Tsk, is it a good move? Trace puts signs that it’s a private event. However, Gary asked the people to go inside. Meanwhile, Trace’s biggest donor arrived with $100,000 while Brande’s largest donor didn’t arrive.



Bret had a hard time because he was asked why he came back (we’ll they shouldn’t have offered him to come back, then?)

Another guests – Kelly & Michael, picked the winning dish. They chose the Power team’s dish. Their team gets the $20,000 prize.


Power team raised – $230,533 + $20,000 = $250,533. Brande still considers that a disappointment.

Plan B team raised 419,539. Trace wins over $670,000 for American Red Cross, his charity.


FINAL BOARDROOM – Brande, La Toya and Brett

Eliminated – Bret – Well, that’s expected. Donald doesn’t want him back.


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 3, 2012 Who was fired 3/3/13 Premiere

  1. I don’t understand why Donald and others didn’t admire Brett for coming back.. He did it so he could raise more money for his charity. i though tit was a selfless move as he didn’t care about keeping his title like Donald and Pierce but he cared about helping his charity. It was so obvious that Donald wanted him gone whch just again proves how egotistical Donald is. I feel the firings are no longer based on who does the worst but more to keep in the people Donald feels will keep the most viewers. I agree he would have never fired Omarosa though I think she is such a snake I will never understand why Brett chose her as now she will take credit for getting him fired. I hate her and hope she is fired next week. I do hope she shows her true colors to her “suck up” before she is fired next week. To me she has no redeeming qualities and I wish she was not on the show.

  2. I watched up until the last 15 minutes then decided I was not up for this season. That scum may be great for ratings as far as the pompous airbag is concerned, but watching her be anything but the Christian she claims to be resulted in an hour and 45 minutes of wasted time that I’ll never get back. Done with this season after less than one episode.

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