Celebrity Apprentice March 31, 2013 Who was fired 3/31/13

The celebrity players will be taking on a new challenge on tonight’s Celebry Apprentice – All Stars. There are still ten remaining players and for the past weeks, the Power team is losing the tasks. Will that be the case again or they will win the challenge this time?

The project managers for tonight are Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna. For the teams to have the same number of members, Trace Adkins will be transferred to Power team. Will he be welcomed by the members, especially Omarosa?

The task for the teams tonight is to create an original three-dimensional artwork. The stars must show their artistic side to create an original artwork. That’s not all though, since fundraising will be involved. One contestant will struggle with bringing in enough money to keep the team safe. Who among the players could it be?

Meanwhile, one of the team’s project manager has to deal with a teammate who over-promises and under-delivers. Who could it be as well?

Anyway, there are speculations that the next celebrity to go home is Dennis. If that is so, that means, Power team lost again. I wonder if Omarosa will be brought back to the final boardroom tonight? So for those who are not going to watch until Omarosa leaves, she’s still on the show next week.

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Update: Omarosa has been fired!!!

TASK – create a three-dimensional artwork and make money out of it.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Lil Jon and Lisa Rinna


Power Team – they raised a total of $179,500

– Omarosa finds out she’s tied with Dennis so the gives $2,000 to one of her donors so that she’ll be ahead of him than being in the last place.


Plan B Team – they raised a total of $225,000

– Penn gets $50,000 from Teller and $15,000 from Blue Man Group.

– Lisa Rinna gets $80,000 from Chaz Dean

– Stephen raises $5,000.

– Gary didn’t raise anything.


As the winner, Lisa receives $400,000 for her charity



FINAL BOARDROOM – Lil Jo, Dennis and Omarosa


6 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 31, 2013 Who was fired 3/31/13

  1. It’s about time Omarosa got the boot! Thank goodness! Way to go Lil Jon for standing up to that obnoxious, rude woman! The show will be so much more enjoyable to watch now! Maybe team power can start winni g now with the distraction gone! Thank you, Mr. Trump for firing her! She never deserved to be on all stars to begin with!

  2. Thank God the witch is gone, she deserved to be fired, she is a liar and she gives her own money to a friend to help her add cheater to her long list of names, let the game begin now without her loud mouth.

  3. the Donald must be desperate for ratings by having Omarosa on his show and by the way what happened to the money shortfall when the above noted stalet???? was in charge of collecting donations on behalf of the group.

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