Celebrity Apprentice March 4, 2012 Who was fired 3/4/12

The men dominated Celebrity Apprentice two weeks in a row, but will they still dominate on March 4, 2012 episode? Will the women win the task this time? If ever, who among the men will be the one who gets eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice next?

The show went Medieval last week as the teams created an original show for the Medieval Times last week. The audience voted for which teams did a better job and the result was the Unanimous team with Penn Jillette as the project manager won. Will it still be the case for tonight?

The project managers for tonight’s episode which is titled “How Much is That Celebrity in the Window?”, Dayana Mendoza will be the project manager of Forte while it’s George Takei as the project manager of Unanimous. The task for the teams will be to design themed living window displays for Ivanka Trump Collection. Dayana might find herself in over her head while the members of Unanimous rally behind George until they lost faith in him when he checks out early.

Ivanka Trump will just the windows. Which team do you think will win the challenge? Want some spoilers? Please continue reading if you do…

Spoilers say that George Takei will be the celebrity who will be fired tonight. If he is, then that means the women win the challenge.

Will George be the next one to be sent home? What do you think?

Anyway, updates on the show will be provided here. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for the results. The contestant who gets fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice 3/4/12 results will be posted, as always.

Update: George Takei was fired for being an unsuccessful project manager.

Unanimous project manager – George Takei

Forte project manager – Dayana Mendoza

Challenge winner – Forte –¬†The women used tasteful clothing in their windows and they used Ivanka’s jewelry and wearing her clothing at their presentation to which they got additional points.

Final boardroom:

– George Takei

– Arsenio Hall

– Lou Ferrigno

8 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice March 4, 2012 Who was fired 3/4/12

  1. It doesn’t seem right that the woman would get extra points for wearing Ivanka’s clothing line. What would she have done if the men tried to wear the clothes? She would have considered it either a mokery or a way of trying to make something comedic out of something serious.

  2. Me if I had been the women I would of started with a night gown and the work dress or suite then a dress for lunch and play clothes (exercise outfit) for one window.
    2nd window would of been a afternoon dress then a dinner dress and then I would ended it with a flowing evening gown. That is my windows and it would of put the men to shame.

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