Celebrity Apprentice March 6, 2011 Who was fired 3/6/11 Premiere

Celebrity Apprentice season 4 premieres tonight, March 6, 2011. Will this season be better than the previous ones? This season is the eleventh season of the NBC reality series while it’s the fourth season for Celebrity Apprentice. Who will be the first to get fired on Celebrity Apprentice 3/6/11 results?

Check out the Celebrity Apprentice 4 Contestants if you haven’t seen it yet.

The goal for the contestants is to raise money for various charities where the winner will get $250,00 for their selected charity. They will be facing mental challenges, scrutiny and expect some tensions to happen during the season. What will be their first task and which team will be at the final boardroom? We can’t wait for the premiere tonight and for sure, you are too.

Anyway, updates on the show will be posted here. The first contestant who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice March 6, 2011 results to be here soon.

Update: David Cassidy was fired this season premiere.

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  1. The reason Trump didn’t fire Richard Hatch is because he is a bully just like Richard is! Anyone else in the workplace would have been sued for what he did to David!

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