Celebrity Apprentice May 1, 2011 will be something like a fashion show. The teams will be producing a live hair show featuring a hairstyling products. Will someone fail to deliver again? Who gets fired on Celebrity Apprentice 5/1/11 results?

It’s going to be “Shear Madness” as the celebrities produce a live hair show featuring Farouk Hair System products and Farouk hair stylists. Tensions arise as one celebrity contestant unleashes a rage on a team mate. Wonder which team it is?

Meanwhile, a fired celebrity will be called by a team to help their show which will be followed by an explosive boardroom. Who Donald Trump gets to send home next? Who got fired or eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice May 1, 2011 results? To be provided soon.

Update: LaToya returns and will work with the men’s team, The Show was cut off for Obama’s announcement. We’ll update later if we find out who was sent home. Hope was fired (still confirming) (confirmed!) Reason why Hope – Trump felt that NeNe and Star could be a dominant force to beat the opposing team. Hope flies under the radar” for too long, despite NeNe having lost twice as a PM.

A.S.A.P. Project Manager – NeNe Leaks

Backbone Project /manager – Lil John

Backbone wins

LaToya returns!

LaToya says Star is backstabbing!

And the ANNOUNCEMENT on who was fired was CUT OFF by Obama’s Announcement