Celebrity Apprentice May 13, 2012 Who was fired 5/13/12

Who will make the final two on Celebrity Apprentice tonight? In the first 10 minutes, someone will be fired and the final two will be revealed. Who among Clay, Aubrey and Arsenio will it be? Find out tonight on the second to the last episode of the Celebrity Apprentice.

The show last week ended with Lisa Lampanelli being eliminated. Did you think she’ll be in the final three at least? Thus, it’s Aubrey, Clay and Arsenio for the final three. However, one of them will be sent home during the first part of the show. Who do you think will it be?

Titled “And Then There Were Two”, the final task will be to create, host and sell tickets to a celebrity charity event, which will feature a charity awareness ad and a variety show. starring themselves. However, things won’t go smoothly for the final two as tensions arise while they work on the biggest charity event. Can differences be set aside for them to be able to work together?

We were left with a cliffhanger last week and the preview makes viewers want to think that Clay Aiken was fired. However, spoilers say that it’s him and Arsenio as the final two celebrities. That means, Aubrey was sent home. Some people at the forums also posted that those who will work with Clay are Aubrey O’Day, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider and Penn Jillette while those who will work with Arsenio are Adam Carolla, Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Teutul Sr. and Teresa Guidice. This episode is dubbed as “naughty and nice”. It’s obvious that Arsenio’s team is the naughty one as they do stand-up suitable for adult people while Clay’s team is the nice one as it’s more suitable for general audience. Expect some singing on Clay’s team as they make the charity event light and fun.

Which event will be better? These final two must rely on everything they’ve learned all season. Time is running out and one of the finalists will find out they don’t have the footage needed to edit their charity awareness ad. We’re guessing it’s Arsenio. What do you think? For sure we’ll all be left hanging on the outcome of the event for the finale next week. But do you think the final two will really be Clay and Arsenio?

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Update: Aubrey gets fired! Clay and Arsenio are the final two!

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Recap of last week airs…

Donald Trump tells the final three there are no losers in the room…

Clay thinks he has been a very hard worker. They considered him a strong player. He believed that he’s the first male in the show to step to someone, when asked why John Rick thought he’s more of a follower than a leader.

Aubrey feel like she’s the strongest player, treats everyday in the show as her last day. She says she’s honest that she’s not a developed person.

Arsenio apologized for saying some language that wasn’t appropriate. He says he’s a tireless worker.

Aubrey gets fired!

Clay and Arsenio in the final two!

Aubrey says the least word to say about her is transparent.

Donald Trump congratulates the final two. Clay says it’s tougher than American Idol.

Task – they have to product, host a celebrity charity event, they must make a charity awareness ad. Donald tells them the entertainment are them – Clay and Arsenio. They must raise as much money for their charity.

Arsenio gets the first pick – Adam, Lisa, Paul, Teresa

Clay – Penn, Debby, Dee Snider, Aubrey


Clay’s charity is The National Inclusion Foundation, which helps to include kids with disabilities to go to camp or other outings. It’s a charity he helped to start. Meanwhile, Aresnio’s charity is The Magic Johnson Foundation. He gets teary eyed that he’ll be able to raise money for his chosen foundation. He is thinking of a comedy theme while Clay is thinking of musical


On Clay’s team, Aubrey came up with the theme “carnival’. She wants Clay to win. Debbie is in charge of song selection. Penn will also perform. Donald Jr. thinks they do have a strong team but is surprised there is no focus on raising money.

Clay wants to have a disabled child in their charity awareness but Penn finds it offensive.

On Arsenio’s team, they come up with a 1980s theme. He wants to include Magic Johnson and have him talk in the charity awareness ad. Lisa is in charge of the decor while Teresa works on the menu with the caterer. She might cause trouble for Arsenio for choosing pork and a tartar.

Clay is worried he’s not going to get anywhere near what Arsenio can bring.

Aubrey wants everyone to dress in clown costumes. She also wants to paint the room blue.


Arsenio arrives at his location for the shoot and just loves it. They are dressed up in the 80’s. Lisa thinks Arsenio may just have a chance at winning. She loves the way the shoot is going.

Penn finds a spot and they begin filming. It’s a small grassy area beneath a housing authority project.


On Arsenio’s team, everything is going well. Magic Johnson will be in the ad. He and Adam head on to editing while the rest of the team get back to the phones for their fundraising.


Lisa is working for Arsenio but is still going to donate to Clay’s charity.

Dee is singing Baby Love!


Adam and Arsenio in the editing studio. They are waiting for the Magic Johnson stuff but file has not arrived.

Clay and Debbie are arguing. Debbie is frustrated because she was delegated and she doesn’t like that Clay is making her feel pushed aside. About the mural, Debbie’s family member will be doing it and she’s a professional. Clay is asking for a sketch because he is the one being judged on it. Aubrey thinks he’s overreacting.


The Magic Johnson footage finally arrives but it’s unusable.


To be continued…it’s the finale next week! Who will win?

39 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice May 13, 2012 Who was fired 5/13/12

  1. Aubrey was self obsessed and two faced and this is the second time she’s been fired for not being capable of team play. (Just ask P Diddy)
    She could never be an effective leader because she has no regard at all for those that follow her.

    • Uhm, im sorry but i KNOW she made it to the top 3 so all your comenat dont make sense and if u saw her at her charity with those kids you would think otherwise

  2. @ Mary…Danity Kane was split not because of Aubrey note that 3 of the 5 girls were fired on tv and it wasn’t even there fault they didn’t want to be there any more wasn’t fun for them. And Aubrey was most creative over anyone on the show

    • Actually, multiple articles say that P. Diddy said fame completely changed her and she was completely focussed on her own self interest. In fact- here’s a direct Diddy quote for you:
      Diddy, who spoke to the girls and the audience via satellite, had some advice for tabloid target Aubrey. “Check this out, baby girl,” Diddy said. “See, your attitude is gonna have you in a dark and lonely place. … What you need to do, at the end of the day, is humble yourself.
      “I got love for Aubrey. I don’t have any beef with her,” he added. “I just want to work with the young lady that I signed, not the person that fame has made her.”

      By the way, her amazing creativity led her to more losses than anyone else in the final 3. She’s a figurative as well as actual loser.

  3. Clay is boring and hasn’t shown anything and Arsenio has showed that hes not a leader and that he’s very rude calling people names

    • I would rather deal with someone like Arsenio, who admittedly speaks out of turn when he’s angry, than someone like Aubrey who smiles in your face and then calmly walks away and tells Don Jr. you are useless and stupid and she’s working alone.
      She’s also about as in touch with reality as a crazy person- her hair color is all natural?? Yeah right. Who hasn’t seen the million blonde pics on the web. If you”re going to lie, at least don’t be so obvious about it.

  4. Have you read other articles and quotes and videos from the actual girls from Danity Kane? Mary? If so you would have learned everyone had things going on that were effecting the groups overall funtion Aubrey not even being the worst. She had creativity didn’t she and Aubrey never lost and had the clients HATE her ideas sometimes when you have a group of people on one team againts pretty much 1 person on another team the group will have better ideas since everyones contributing aubrey had no one to help her..also you are probably overall jealous of her since she’s hot and you probably aren’t

    • Wow, Ryan, too bad your love affair with Aubrey has about as much chance at becoming a reality as a snowball has in hell. Good luck with your fantasy. Although it sounds like you deserve someone like her.

  5. Well I wanted Lisa or Aubrey to win so this is some major BS…Like wtf, reality shows have totally screwed my favorites over this year.

  6. I Dnt think Donald would want characters like Aubrey or Lisa to represent celebrity Aprentice. They never even talked about there charities, there attitudes are good for ratings but when it comes down to Trumps cares about his image, he has to worked with what he had.

  7. Yes, so happy I wanted Clay and Arsenio to be the final. It will be a difficult challenge, but I can not pick between the two of them, they both are very good.

  8. Thanks 🙂

    For some reason I thought it was tonight! Thanks again!All our shows are ending…what will we do??? LOL..Glad Big Brother starts soon 🙂

  9. HA-ha. Lisa and Aubrey have NO CLUE that Trump used them for ratings, then summarily dumped them, not for tasks, but ’cause he doesn’t like them for their bad behavior. There’s NO WAY he was going to EVER let them be in the finals!! Woot!

  10. it’s just entertainment–too bad some charity for lesbos and fags is getting money raised for something they caused

  11. I for one am glad Aubrey got fired! Now hear me out people. I went to HS with her. I know how she was then and is now. And Honestly I am happy that she did something with her Theatre days and Dance team days. But she for one is a liar. Multiple interviews she was on she lied about different things. That I for one know first hand about. However, I do think Clay and Arsenio are an odd match to go head to head against. But as I read comments Aubrey never really talked about her Charity. Which is about bullying and she said she knows first hadn about it because she fat and bullyied. She was not fat google her and you’ll see her dance team pictures
    2nd she was semi popular. How does that make you get bullied??? Anyways, Good luck to all!

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