Celebrity Apprentice May 5, 2013 Who was fired 5/5/13

A few more weeks to go before the Celebrity Apprentice All Stars ends, but for tonight it’s another entertaining night as the drama continues with an all new episode set to air at 9pm ET. Who will be the project managers for tonight’s task?

Last week, Gary Busey got fired for a very poor performance as a project leader. However he blamed his teammates as he said they were out to make him look bad. Do you think he shouldn’t be fired even if his team lost the last challenge?

Anyway, the five remaining players are Lil John, Lisa Rinna, Marilu Henner, Penn Jillette and Trace Adkins. It’s Lisa vs Marilu for the win tonight as they are the project managers.

Titled “The Mayor of Stress Town”, the task for tonight is to design a Foxwoods Resort themed suite and host a party at the brand new Barclays Center. Either Marilu or Lisa gets too literal with the theme while the other team’s plan could be shut down due to bad weather. Uh, oh! Do they have plan b?

By the way, John Rich returns as the boardroom advisor alongside Donald Trump, Jr. Plus, there are special appearances by Lisa Lampanelli, Hunter Hayes, Teller and David Burke.

Who will have a better idea about the task? Who will win the challenge and who will be in the final boardroom? There are speculations that Marilu is sent packing tonight.

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Update: Marilu has been fired!

ADVISORS – John Rich and Donald Trump, Jr.

TASK – design a Foxwoods Resort themed suite and create a party at Barclays Center. Teams will be judged based on creativity, brand messaging and overall party atmosphere.

Winning project manager will receive $50,000 from Trump and matching amount from Foxwoods.

PROJECT MANAGERS – Lisa and Marilu

Teams choose a character – Lisa’s team does a joker theme. Marilu’s team chose a king.

Penn wants to get Lisa Lampanelli and celebrity chef David Burke who has a restaurant at Foxwoods.

Lisa and Penn are getting along while Marilu’s team is struggling to get their arms around their concept. The weather also isn’t being cooperative, flights were cancelled.

Penn wants Native American flute music while Marilu wants to have Lil Jon keeping the beat. John Rich then suggested they make him King Lil Jon.

Trace Adkins lines up CMA new artist of the year Hunter Hayes.



Lil Jon thinks Marilu is a good leader but likes to do a lot. When asked, Lil would fire her while Marilu keeps on targeting Trace.


WINNER – Lisa’s team wins. She won $100,000 for her charity.

ELIMINATED – Marilu as she’s the project manager and the one responsible for both chess and decor.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Apprentice May 5, 2013 Who was fired 5/5/13

  1. !!arilu got fired?! R u kidding me?! Trace is as useless as t*ts on a b*ll. Lil John.was as unsupportive toward Marilu as “Good ‘Ol Boy” Trace was hostile. How could her team mates discount her value? They were disrespectful and ignorant also void of intelligence.between Trace and Lil John only one neuron was firing!

  2. Still such a paternalistic society! Neither Trump nor Trace nor “King of crunk”(Were all three drunk?)could lose their sexist attitudes long enough to comprehend what leadership skills Ms. Henner brought to the table. While Marilu sat at the table planning the task of the team, Trace rolled around the floor in a fetal position! Very mature “cowboy”wannabe! Lil John u r a sell out by going along w that fat white trash “country” fool

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