Celebrity Apprentice May 6, 2012 Who was fired 5/6/12

There three remaining episodes left on Celebrity Apprentice and tonight, last season’s final – John Rich and Marlee Matlin return to grill the five remaining contestants. The competition is about to end and it goes down to the wire as they do the task for this episode. It’s Clay and Lisa vs Teresa, Aubrey and Arsenio. Who will win the challenge and who will be eliminated? Donald Trump said last week two will be fired. Who are these celebrities?

The 5 remaining celebrities will embark on their penultimate task. Their task is to create a four-page print ad campaign for the new “CHI Touch” Digital Touchscreen Hair Dryer. The project managers for this task are Lisa and Teresa. The two will fight over the models and Lisa will get the models with good hair. Teresa’s left with two guys so what’s Aubrey’s plan? She’s going to hire her favorite model – herself. The campaign will be presented to the Farouk Systems and Elle Magazine execs.

Donald Trump says that Teresa gets tough, mean and nasty this time. But spoilers say it her who becomes the first celebrity to leave. That means, Lisa and Clay won the challenge. Will it really be Teresa who will be sent home tonight?

Meanwhile, the victory of the team who will win this task is short lived as the final four will be summoned back to the boardroom. John Rich and Marlee Matlin will be interviewing them. Who will they recommend to Donald Trump to be the final two? Most likely one of the final four will be fired and the final two will be revealed next week.

There are spoilers that Clay and Arsenio are the final two. If that is so, who will go first after Teresa? Will it be Aubrey or Lisa?

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Update: Teresa was fired. Lisa was fired.

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Forte project manager – Teresa Giudice

Unanimous project manager – Lisa Lampanelli

Task – Create a print ad for the “Chi Touch” hairdryer.


Lisa makes Teresa think she wanted the redhead model that badly. Arsenio sensed Lisa is scheming, LOL. Lisa gives Teresa 30 seconds to decide. Teresa lost the negotiation and got tricked by Lisa.

Lisa & Clay got four ladies as models while Teresa got two ladies and two guys as models.


Aubrey offers to be one of the models as they need a redhead…



Donald Trump asks Teresa if Lisa outsmarted her. Teresa thinks Lisa didn’t outsmart her…

Teresa liked Lisa but she played dirty. Lisa says they all have tactics…Lisa thinks Teresa shouldn’t be in the final two because there are four people who deserve it more.

Aubrey was asked who would be better at the finals – Teresa or Lisa. She didn’t answer directly.


The executives didn’t think their ad talk of the hair dryer. Teresa also looked awkward during the presentation and it was a big negative for them. Meanwhile, the executives liked Lisa’s presentation as well as the ads. They really liked the back covers. The clothing was a little bit outdated though. Lisa chose it.

Teresa would fire Arsenio if their team loses.

Lisa & Clay won the challenge. $100,000 for her charity.


Teresa was beyond shocked that her team lost…

Aubrey thinks if they would have won the negotiation they would have gotten the people they wanted. Teresa insists they didn’t fail though.

Teresa thinks Arsenio should be fired because she thinks he played it safe. She confronts Arsenio what did he bring to the table. Arsenio tells her not to throw him under the bus since he can back it up. More arguments between Teresa and Arsenio. Donald Trump tells Teresa, she was the project manager but the execs loved Arsenio and Aubrey.

Teresa was fired. 


Arsenio and Aubrey play pranks to Clay to Lisa to think Teresa stays. Lisa and Clay didn’t fall for it.



Marlee Matlin and John Rich get to interview the final four.

Aubrey – Marlee thinks Aubrey is young. John asks Aubrey how much did she won for her charity and why she didn’t get money from P. Diddy

Clay – Marlee thinks he’s very sweet and genuine.

Arsenio – John feels good when he’s around him.

Lisa – Marlee thinks she talks a lot. John thinks she’s a tough woman.


Lisa – John and Marlee felt strongly that she didn’t have her emotions under check.

Lisa was fired.


One more will be fired next week to reveal the final two!


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