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  1. If Bristol wins DWTS should be renamed: Dancing with the fat klutzy daughter of a has been politician who had a bastar* son because she did not listen to her idiot Mom about abstinence. If Bristol wins life is not only unfair, it sucks eggs and eats worms.

  2. america got it wrong once again, there is no doubt there is only one american Idol for the 2011 and that was James, thou I like chris allen, adam lambert was the best choice for american idol last years, his records sales have proven that, I think adam lambert and James should team up, concert sales would be out the roof, becasue they both are american idol, even if they didn’t win. Not much to watch now but boring show, since james is off the show, but He will be big just like adam lambert and sadly I think only james and scotty will sell records. James was my favorite , but I wish them all luck, but James will be sign for a record deal no doubt in my mind and he will sell thousand, records, I will be the first in line. I now am rooting for lauren and scotty now..Rock on James you are great.

  3. lauren you are really nice but if you cry i can’t type to you anymore so you better stop crying right now i am not trying to be mean but i love you lauren.

  4. American Idol went down hill after Simon left, he was so funny in the show. He is not as funny on his own show the x-factor and I don’t know if I like that show or not. I love the voice once it gets going as all of them are boring in the begining.
    as far as the judges go on American Idol, They need some really good ones in there with a simmon attitude.
    Hey, if they stink, someone needs to tell them!

  5. America is wrong about jax she is my very favorite best of all but be confident for her because she has been through a lot because of her family is trying so hard when she is trying to do her best time of her life to be confident and awesome for the judges because if she doesn’t she might be eliminated from american idol she’s m . Favorite best jaxxxx

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