Dancing with the Stars April 27, 2015 Results DWTS 4/27/15 Scores

It’s “Eras Night” tonight on Dancing With the Stars 20! There are seven remaining dance couples for this season’s 7th week! What are the dances they will perform? Who will be in jeopardy and who will be going home?

Last week, Riker & Allison got the highest score for the first part, getting 37/40. Nastia & Derek and Willow & Mark placed second, getting 34/40 each while Rumer & Val got third place with their score of 32/40. Chris & Witney got 31/40.

Meanwhile, Noah & Sharna got 29/40 while Robert & Kym got 28/40. Will they be the lowest scoring teams again tonight?

Tonight’s routines include Modern Charleston, Contemporary, Argentine Tango and Jazz. The dances are already posted below as well as the voting numbers. For the results, follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook, if you haven’t done it yet. The next dance couple who gets voted off on Dancing With the Stars’ 4/27/15 results will be posted as well as the scores.

The highest scoring couple is safe from elimination while the remaining 6 will have a dance off.

** Derek got injury so Sasha Farber will take his place tonight.

Update: Willow & Mark got eliminated!!!


Riker & Allison – 20’s Quickstep – 1855-234-5608 –
Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 10, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, TOTAL – 37/40


Chris & Witney – 40’s Foxtrot – 1855-234-5602 –
Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 7, Julianne – 8, Bruno – 8, TOTAL – 31/40


Rumer & Val – 60’s Jive – 1855-234-5610 –
Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, TOTAL – 35/40


Noah & Sharna – 70’s Jazz – 1855-234-5605 –
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 8, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, TOTAL – 36/40


Robert & Kym – 80’s Argentine Tango – 1855-234-5609 –
Carrie Ann – 7, Len – 8, Julianne – 8, Bruno – 8, TOTAL – 31/40


Nastia & Sasha – Modern Charleston – 1855-234-5604 – SAFE (wins immunity)
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 38/40


Willow & Mark – Futuristic Jazz – 1855-234-5612 –
Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 37/40


Willow & Mark vs Riker & Allison – Salsa
WINNER – Willo & Mark (+2 pts)


Noah & Sharna vs Robert & Kim – Cha-cha-cha
WINNER – Noah &ampl Sharna (+2 pts)


Rumber & Val vs Chris & Witney – Foxtrot
WINNER – Rumber & Val (+2 pts)



Nastia & Derek – 38/40
Willow & Mark – 37/40 + 2pts
Noah & Sharna – 36/40 + 2pts
Rumer & Val – 35/40 + 2pts
Riker & Allison – 37/40
Chris & Witney – 31/40
Robert &amp Kym – 31/40

24 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars April 27, 2015 Results DWTS 4/27/15 Scores

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! They were so good!!!!!! This is so unfair!!!! Kim and Robert and Chris and Witney are so much worse then them!!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree. Unbelievable is all I can say. Willow is such a sweet young lady and every week she tried even harder and worked harder. I hope rumer is next. I’m tired of her I’m so good there is no competition out there. Wow what a spoiled brat

  2. I agree. I also feel rumer should go as well. I don’t like her cocky “there isn’t any competition out’ wow eat sum humble pie you spoiled brat

  3. I thought this was “the best dancer” deserves to stay around. What happened tonight was shameful. I may never support your show again. How can you have a high score and be let go? Your judges and producers are ridiculous to let Mark and Willow go. Also, this is a family show and Juliet Hough should dress more appropriately.

  4. I have been watching DWTS religiously since day one and there have been a couple of times I have wanted to comment on ” The Results” because I have thought it was NOT fair, but this is rediculous! I don’t even see how Kim and Robert, and Chris and Whitney can even compare to Willow and Marc! Forget the pros, Willow is so far superior to Robert and Chris , it is an absolute shame! I know there is a good popularity vote but come on people open your eyes and let’s be a little fair about this COMPETITION ! Something really needs to be done about this part of DWTS! I’m so upset I can hardly breathe right now! NOT FAIR for Willow at all!😭😭

  5. Absolutely not fair! Willow is so far superior in her dancing! I really wonder how Chris and Robert and Noah feel about this elimination? You may be great guys but no competition for Willow in the dance ballroom!

  6. Willow. You are beautiful and an awesome dancer. I have wanted you to win since the first dance. Tonight was unfair.
    DWTS… shame on youfor letting a dancer like her go. I am done with this show

  7. I totally agree with all of the above comments. Something should be done with the method of voting on DWTS. Robert, Chris and Noah should not even show up next week. The way it is going one of them may win the trophy. PLEASE get rid of Julianne as a judge, her comments are awful and her appearance just as bad. I am through with the show!!!!

  8. Julian Hough is an excellent judge. She tells it the way it should be. Please keep her.
    Yes, Willow is a superb dancer, but I also Robert is good, and should stay for a little longer.

  9. VERY DISAPPOINTED in results of tonight’s show. Willow and Mark should NOT have been eliminated at all! They have done well EVERY WEEK and IMPROVED EVERY WEEK! There are several worse dancers that should have been GONE by now and even much sooner than this show and what is holding them is popularity(celebraties status) not their dancing preformance at all………now this show is going by who you know and popularity especially with celebraties and not DANCING TALENT as it is supposed to be. How can you win dancing by personality…personality is not dancing talent! Some may be lucky and have both but several of the ones still standing have NO DANCING ABILITY at all! What a shame…I thought this show was judged by dancing talent not personality ….. now this show is a total turn off for me. Maybe you should change the name of the TV SHOW and make it Personality Dancing because it is NOT HOW IT WAS DESIGNED TO DO…..may the best dancer be standing….not the one with the most personality votes! I am NOT watching this anymore……it is disgusting! SOMETHING NEEDS DONE WITH THE JUDGING METHOD AND VOTING. BRING BACK WILLOW AND MARK BY POPULAR DEMAND AS THE RULES CHANGE EVERY WEEK ANYWAY so BRING BACK WILLOW AND MARK a THEY DESERVE TO BE BACK! They truly are GREAT dancers MUCH BETTER than several of the ones still standing and they both have great personalities too since you are now focusing on personalities and not the best dancer! They have had excellent scores consistantly and rank high and truly have dancing ability! Tonight’s results were by far disgusting! No more DANCING WITH THE STARS FOR ME! It is NOT TRUE to what it is supposed to be at all!

  10. Willow was one of the best dancers on the show and the fact that she was eliminated due to not enough votes is ridiculous, chris and whitney and noah and sharna and even robert and kym dont have the potential that she had, i really pictured willow and mark winning this season, she may have been the youngest but she danced circles around those three guys. The judges scores should have much more impact

  11. I am through with DWTS. Carrie Ann is too full of herself and her comments and actions anger me. Len is still his grumpy self and I wish he had not come back. Julianne is too affected and I find her so annoying. There has to be a better way to judge these contestants. Popularity should not be a factor in choosing the best dancer. DWTS has outlived its run and I am hoping ABC does not renew this fiasco for another season. Mark Ballas is one of the best pros on the show!!

  12. The only reason Rumer is still there is cause people are voting for her dad and mom. And how is she even on this show when she is far from a star.??

  13. I an totally shocked. The best couple is let go. Shame on you. Willow was the best and she and Mark had just gotten all those good scores. They were top class and very talented. All I can say again is SHAME ON DWTS. You got it wrong!

  14. Oh dear. I’ve only watched 1 episode and i remember being impressed with that young lady. Obviously the judges did right by them by giving them great scores so they are not to blame. So it iz unfair to blame them. America didnt vote. Did any of you vote for her? If u didnt then u need to not complain and blame yourself. Think about it.

  15. I am very upset with the results of last nights show, Willows by far one of the best dancers on the show theater, her and Mark show should not have been eliminated, they have had some of the highest scores absolutely think that they could have won this season.

  16. Everyone has his or her favorite dancers. I agree the judges got to go. Personality should be considered in the voting. I can not stand conceited people. Call in for your favorite and pray your favorite stays.the show is so not fair and last night really was a shocker.

  17. Reminds me of when they kept Chasity Bono, who couldn’t dance at all, but eliminated the better dancers. I quit watching the show then. Just happened to turn it on Tuesday and was upset, again when they sent home the better dancer and kept others because of who their parents are. Done watching DWS again

  18. This show has turned into a popularity contest. It seems like the best dancer does not win. My other main concern is it is a family show. The woman judges need to dress better. They are letting it all hang out and look very trashy, young children watch the show.

  19. I, also, was upset with Mark and Willow being voted off. I would like to know why they don’t show the number of votes each dancer got from the voters,. we know how the judges voted so why not the public. they could tell us anything and if who ever is in charge of counting the voted didn’t like someone, well then they could just say that so-and-so got the lowest number of votes, how would anyone know? giving us the vote count could help because then if someone sees their favorite falling behind in the count, they might be more inclined to vote.

  20. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Willow and Mark were in it to win it! They should NOT have got voted off. They were the better ones. Again like Debbie said, it is turning into a popularity contest. C’mon can’t you save them for this once? THEY DESERVE IT!!!!

  21. I thought Williow and Mark were defiantly going to go to the finals. I thought that the only reason Robert was still there was because, everyone wanted to see what was going to happen between him and Kym. I would have liked to see Redfoo do other, more emotional dances. Maybe next season.

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