Dancing with the Stars May 12, 2015 Results DWTS 5/12/15

The results of last night’s Dancing With the Stars Semifinals show will be revealed tonight! Who won’t make it to next week’s finale and who will be in the final three teams to compete for the Mirror Ball Trophy?

Last night, Riker & Allison and Nastia & Sasha got the highest score last night, getting a perfect score of 40/40 for the first round and 30/30 for the second round. Rumer & Val got a total of 68/70 while Noah & Sharna got 66/70.

Who do you think will be sent home? I just hope there’s no shocking surprise tonight though.

Anyway, updates will be posted here, as always. Follow this blog on Twitter or like on Facebook while waiting for the results. The Dancing With the Stars’ 5/12/15 semifinals results will be here.


Noah & Sharna – IN JEOPARDY SAFE



Riker & Allison – SAFE



Nastia & Derek!


31 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 12, 2015 Results DWTS 5/12/15

  1. Once again we are waiting for the paint to dry. Last night was an outstanding night of season of what hard work and determination and pain can do. I thought that the judge’s choice dances were fantastic. Nastia, Riker and Noahs fiirst dance were super. To be honest rumers dance made me feel a bit uneasy. Here’s to the final four congrats and here’s to the final three.

  2. No gold medal for Nastia this time around. She had a tough season – all that traveling back and forth and then having to work with two partners … couldn’t have been easy. Oh well, congrats to the final three!

  3. WOW no way they did deserve to go on but it isn’t always what it should have been. Congrats to a fantastic season with some amazing dancing and awesome with the three of you nastia derek and sasha they were amazing I was so looking forward to what you would come up with derek for the freestyle. Great job good luck to the final three

  4. Just goes to show===whoever has the largest fan base. Nothing against Noah, quite the hero, but I wish DWTS would have separate show for the handicapped heros!

  5. Noah has no place in the finals. He shouldn’t have even made it to the semi finals. I give him a lot of credit but this is a dancing competition and with his disability he definatly can not dance up to par with the rest of the dancers. He is surviving on the sympathy vote. The judges gave him too much leeway on his moves because of his handicap. This is not a dancing competition between handicapped people, it’s an overall dancing competition. The only reason Noah is staying is because it’s good for ratings. He doesn’t belong. He certainly better not win the mirror ball. There is no way that he is the best dancer.

  6. Sympathy and patriotism for half a man do not merit a “dancing” championship.
    Rumer and more so, Val deserve the mirror ball this season.

    • Noah is much more than half a man. It takes guts and determination to do what he has done. No, I don’t think he will be the winner. The finalist will be chosen for the content and gracefulness of the dance.He is much more of a man than you sound like, and the other MORONS like you.

  7. Noah is an amazing inspiration and all due respect to him but he doesn’t belong in the finals. I hate the way ABC manipulates the show for ratings. On her season, Amy Purdy wanted to be judged just like the other dancers. Noah is being judged on a completely different level then the others. Len even made a comment to that effect last week, saying something like “I should be judging you on footwork but I can’t so I will judge it on artistry and performance”. Total sympathy scoring probably on the instructions of the network. In the past, Len would ALWAYS say, I’m old fashioned, I have to score it for what it is. Nastia and Derek who totally deserved to be in the finals were eliminated because of this manipulation. I for one, will have time to do other things next Monday because I won’t be watching the finals.

  8. I’m finished watching this show and I’ve watched every single one. I admire Noah for his military service, but the truth is, he is not finialist material.

  9. no doubt in my mind Riker and allison got this one in the bag, nastia and derek thought too highly of themselves anyways. and mr broken foot gets way too much sympathy. Yeah I can see Riker and allison winning it

  10. Some people just don’t get it….. We all heard what Rumor was saying about rude comments & disrespect YET no one seems to be taking anything she said to heart. Imagine how Noah AND Sharna are thinking as they read these posts? Is this any way to support someone and encourage them to keep going? Everything works out in the end and the season ends with the total votes from judges as well as us at home- does saying these negative thing about N&S help in anyway or hinder? If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all- think before you speak- because you have no idea how it can effect someone.

  11. I have to admit I was for Derek but now I will vote for Riker. It’s too bad four couples couldn’t go into the finals. Think they are all four great!!

  12. Is this a dancing competition or a charity event where we vote because we want to give charity to the least deserving contestant? Sorry but Noah has no place in this competition. People just vote for him because of his condition. He cannot move with the rest of the cast yet he is still there. It boggles the mind!

  13. I strongly disagree with everyone who says Niah doesn’t belong because if his dancing ability. Dancing is hard enough with all limbs but to take two away you have to work twice as hard yet he comes out week after week and nails it. But let’s take the dancing part out of the equation for a minute. It’s Dancing with the Stars so dance is only 1/2 the equation the other half is popularity,he has the fan base and the votes to make him a star. Do I think he’ll win the trophy probably not, but he definitely deserves to of gotten this far.

  14. I think Nastia and Derek should have stayed and Noah should have gone…I love Derek but I guess my votes did not count. I have a feeling Noah new he would go so that is why he proposed to get votes…and he if getting sympathy votes…the other dancers if they had a leg problem they would be told about it and get low votes…..what is America thinking about voting for Noah

  15. enough with the popularity contest!!! No way should Noah be in the top three Dereck & Natasha were AMAZING. THis show is about DANCING. He is a great person & a great role model… But he is not a great dancer….

  16. Noah may be a great guy and all, but he is handicapped because of his condition. If he wins the competition, it will be because of his status as a disabled veteran and not because of his dancing skill and/or ability. Come on
    America, this is a dancing competition and not a sympathy giving event. He should just quit since he does not deserve to be there. Reminds me of the Palin gilr who was as stiff as a board but who went very far in the competition because of her mother. It’s not fair on the other competitors.

  17. What a shame. She was awesome. I understand the war veterans courage but he is handicapped and this is not that kind of show. He can’t dance because of his injuries. Only the judges should do these final votes.

  18. Nastia and Derek and Sasha should NEVER have been voted off!! They should have been in the finals instead of Noah and Ryker.Just because Noah is a vet does not mean he is a dancer. He should be credited with bravery, not dancing. Ryker is rich. Not the best dancer.
    Nastia and Derek and Val and Rumor are the very best
    dancers and they should be dancing in competition in the finals.
    Really, America should NOT be voting because they play favorites rather than appreciating the best dancers.
    Grow up people!!!!

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