Dancing with the Stars May 16, 2011 DWTS 5/16/11 Call Numbers

Dancing with the Stars 2011 May 16, 2011 is the the week before the finale. The four remaining couples will take on the dance floor and try to impress the judges and America. Will all get a good feedback from the judges? We’ll find out in DWTS 5/16/11?

Two unlearned dances and a winner take all cha-cha-cha is what the couples are going to perform. Kirstie & Maks are to dance Paso Doble, Chelsea & Mark to dance Rumba, Ralph & Karina to dance Foxtrot and Hines & Kym to dance salsa as well.

Will Ralph & Karina be able to bounce back and get a high score tonight? Will Chelsea & Mark be able to continue getting the highest score?

The call numbers are available below while the Dancing with the Stars 5/16/11 scores will be posted too.

Chelsea & Mark – Argentine Tango (28) / Rumba (30) – 1-800-868-3401

Hines & Kym – Argetine Tango (30) / Salsa (30) – 1-800-868-3403

Ralph & Karina – Argentine Tango (25) / Salsa (23) – 1-800-868-3408

Kirstie & Maks – Viennese Waltz (27) / Paso Doble (27) – 1-800-868-3411

Winner Take All Cha-cha-cha (the one in bold wins)

Hines & Kim vs Ralph & Karina

Kirstie & Maks vs Chelsea & Mark

Chelsea & Mark vs Hines & Kim

20 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 16, 2011 DWTS 5/16/11 Call Numbers

  1. I thought the judges were so rude to Ralph. They definitely are trying to fix the score the way they want. Bruno is so tacky. He is pathetic.

  2. As a professional Dance Instructor, Dancing Coach,
    Choreographer and Dance for Wellness Trainer, I
    was very dismayed at the inconsistency of the judging.
    In Ward Vr Macchio, Ward’s latin movements were missing and Macchio’s Cha cha was superior. Ward was disconnected and his partner did all the dancing, and his Argentine Tango was I don’t know what. Kristy had no romantic connection in her, what ever she dance for Paso Doble. Appeared angry as in practice. When Ralph danced with great pain and did extreamly well, you punished him. With Ward’s partner came backafter her injury, you rewarded Ward. Time for 3 new judges or you will loose many viewers.

  3. totally agree with the dance instructor. Carrie Ann is so biased and so obvious. I hope Macchio wins all the people’s votes! time for new judges…

  4. I don’t understand how one judge can see 8 on a dance and the other judge beside will see 10. Above all Len is voting in favor of Hines Ward, why?, they need to keep Ward to keep viewers?
    Additional, all the drama, mostly with Maks involve i getting out of control and the same season over season.
    I also agree with the dance instructor

  5. I agree with the dance instructor. I guess if you cry you get three 10’s. Hines has never been as sharp or snappy with his kicks and leg placement. But he does have a great smile and he always winks at the judges. But I think the judges are biased and near-sighted. They are not being critical on Hines as they should.

  6. I agree too w/ the dance instructor. From way back, Hines’ partner did all the dancing. Hines has a beautiful smile but lots of times his legs are stiff. Macchio did beautiful on his salsa and they give him low scores. These judges sucks. They need to be changed.

  7. One does not have to be a professional dancer to know
    in order to score a perfect 10, one must execute perfectly. I wonder, did the judges inform Hines to practice smiling because real dancing was not to be how they were being judged ( Forgive me for my sarcastic remark-but it is shameful what these judges have done). Thanks to all of you for praising my comments. It is I who should be praising you. Your observations, were clear, fair, honest, and I could not have stated them better. Many Blessings.

  8. Compeltely agree with dance instructor. Why the attitude against Ralph? He brings more energy to the floor than most. I have never called, but both my husband and I did last night for Ralph. While I have never thought in years past that the could be fixed, I do believe they are really trying to give Hines the mirror ball trophy whether he deserves it or not. While Ralph probably shouldn’t win, he shouldn’t be dissed like he has been in recent weeks.

  9. I have watched Dancing with the Stars every season. I totally agree with the dance instructor. If correctly judged, Hines would have heard many weeks ago how to glide with the music. They didn’t and he can’t. New judges should be done and hopefully, unbiased.
    I do hope Ralph gets enough votes to come back. I see head-to-head is Chelsea and Ralph.

  10. What is goint to happen, unless a miracle happen, is that the mirror ball trophy will go to Hines. That is how is being planned by the show and the judges. We know what happen in other previous seasons, remember Mario & Karina and how they lost?, or Donny winning over Maya? the judges scored Maya higher but close to Donny to let the voters make the most popular Donny the winner. Looking to keep the show rates they do will anything

  11. I think it’s time for len to go back home and retire. He only gives good scores to dances he likes. When someone update a dance he gets mad and gives bad scores when he should be judging their foot work. Len Goodman sucks.

  12. Are you guys watching the same show??? I like Ralph but he has had soooo many bad dances and keeps getting saved. To the dance instructer if you think that Ralph’s cha cha was better than Hines, then you best quit the dance instructing. Ralph shows no chemistry with his partner and almost seems afraid to get too close to her. He should have been out weeks ago! He is by far the worst out of the 4 remaining.

  13. @ linda #9…Ralph’s salsa was comically bad. I was actually embarassed for him. He was awkwardly out of control throughout the dance. I am also annoyed with Mark Ballas and his spastic distracting movements that really take away from his partner. I would rather have Ralph in the finals than those 2. I agree..Hines and Kym rocked the house!

  14. To the lady who calls her self Sue, 17th writer, this is not about you nor me. It’s about people who are trusted to do a job and by the many honest writers judgements the judges have compromised themselves. As for you attacking my dance skills, it would be below the belt for me to attack your comments. First of all I don’t know if you are or have been a professional dancer. I on the other hand have been teaching professionally since 1956.
    I only wish I could have an opportunity to teach Ralph, because he dances from the heart. Many blessings to all
    and especially you # 17.

  15. 3 cheers for Ralph keeping his cool over his latest putdown by the so called judges. That is the 1st time anyone was berated by those judges in any semi or final. The above emails had it right, was rigged to get him off before the finals even if it called for insults. If I keep watching I will have it on mute whenever the judges make their comments.

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