Dancing with the Stars May 18, 2015 Finale Scores DWTS 5/18/15 Voting Numbers

The finale of Dancing With the Stars 20 airs tonight! Airing from 8pm to 9pm EST, it’s going to be an hour long performance show. The three finalists – Rumer & Val, Noah & Sharna and Riker & Allison will be performing two dances, the couple’s favorite dance and a freestyle routine.

The routines are posted below. Tomorrow, there’s also the 24-hour fusion dance challenge for additional judges’ points.

Who are you going to vote for? Still feel bad that Nastia & Derek was eliminated last week? They will be dancing tomorrow night though, so get to see them one last time.

Anyway, who do you think will win the Mirror Ball Trophy? Check out the poll below.

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Noah & Sharna – Argentine Tango – 1855-234-5605
Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Julianne – 8, Bruno – 8, TOTAL – 32/40


Riker & Allison – Paso Doble – 1855-234-5608
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 40/40


Rumer & Val – Foxtrot – 1855-234-5610
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 40/40



Noah & Sharna
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 40/40


Riker & Allison
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 40/40


Rumer & Val
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 40/40


Riker & Allison – 40/40 + 40/4 = 80/80
Rumer & Val – 40/40 + 40/4 = 80/80
Noah & Sharna – 32/40 + 40/40 = 72/40


18 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 18, 2015 Finale Scores DWTS 5/18/15 Voting Numbers

  1. Go riker and Noah I am sorry but I am not a fan of rumor every since she thought she was all that and a bag of chips when she said there was no competition

  2. This has been a very close season for all the couples. In the beginning I had a good idea who would go to the finals and win,and right now they are there. Tomorrow will tell the story on who will walk away with the title-I hope it could be Noah and Sharna first,then Rumer and Val. I have been rooting for them since the beginning of the show,and will until the very end.

  3. I predicted this. The producers manipulated this season for Val to win. Last week Noah got 9s and 10s – as heroic and inspirational as he is, he did not deserve scores equal to Nastia, the best dancer, and Derek, by far the best choreographer as always – which bumped Nastia and Derek out, and this week he got more realistic scores to make sure, with his fan base, he doesn’t knock Val off. The producers have promoted Rumer and Val ALL season and Nastia, who hadn’t been in jeopardy all season, goes home after they painted that unflattering portrayal of her in week 8.

  4. If this is true then Val will finally win something but in a way that is unfair. I was shocked when Nastia and Derek were voted off and also Willow and Mark. Overall this was an entertaining season with Riker and Allison being at the bottom countless times. I am still going for Noah and Sharna, not because of what he went through but he has improved a lot and proved that you can do anything. Lets see what happens. This show got renewed for the fall season.

    • Yes, it’s also interesting that Riker was in jeopardy several times but with almost identical scores, Nastia goes home. Where did Riker suddenly get so many fans. I’m not saying he is not a good dancer, he is, but it’s very strange. Again, Nastia and Derek, especially, would have been more of a threat in the end.

  5. Had to stop watching as soon as the “Double Elimination” show was moved. It was moved to keep Rumer on the show. Only week she was in bottom 2. Will never watch again. Votes mean nothing.

  6. Glad to see others feel that they have been pushing rumor I’m sick of all the bs and sugar coating they give her. Anyone but her and her silver spoon

  7. they have not been pushing rumer willis at all. She wins because she is good. its real easy to sit behind a computer. screen and punch out some snarky comments. Rumer has the guts to go on DWTS and give it her all, she wins because shes a fantastic dancer. If all you can do is crritize her and for such silly things, perhaps you should look within as to why you find the need to tear down a beautiful, gutsy young woman.

    • Actually, they have been pushing Val and Rumer all season. The producers said at the beginning of the season that it is “Val’s turn”. Almost every Tuesday on GMA Val and Rumer would be on the promo for the DWTS segment with comments about how great they were even when they were not the leaders that week. Yes, she is very good and Nastia was even better. If you think someone should “look within” maybe it is TPTB on the show who decided to use the worst possible footage to make Nastia look bad. I’m sure Rumer had some of those moments too but they didn’t use that against her. And maybe Val shouldn’t make snarky comments about Derek and Nastia. I actually thought I wanted Val and Rumer to win if Derek and Nastia didn’t until Rumer said they had no competition and Val said Nastia and Derek were so perfect that they were actually uninteresting. Jealousy is ugly.

  8. No one has ever said been critical of rumors dancing it is the attitudes that you she has. She has had some nice dances she has not always been at the top of the leader board.

  9. Yes. This is a rigged program. I quit watching American Idol about four years ago for the same reason. I hope this show get canned as well. I also think Julianne is a poor judge. She is always biased. A real follow the leader girl.

  10. Please Riker is the Hough’s cousin. He’s probably had background lessons all season from Julianne or Derek. What’s wrong if a dancer gets cocky? This show enjoys editing interviews to their liking to get viewers talking.

  11. I agree with Nes. Derek and Nastia and Willow and Mark should not have been eliminated. They deserve to be in the finals with Noah and Sharna. Rumor and Val shouldn’t be in the top. Yes Val deserves to win finally but I don’t like Rumor. She is just way to cocky and she thinks she’s all that. And Riker is only there because he has dancing experience on Glee. I’ve watched him on Glee. He danced a lot. So I don’t think he should be in the Top 3. This is just my opinion.

  12. Seriously, this has been an incredible season. The only reason Riker was in the bottom / or jeopardy was because the show put him there. He is the most incredible dancer on the show and I’ve wanted him from day one. What a great kid!! Every single week, he has put everything he’s got into his dances. His dedication and attitude have been there every single week. I have given every single vote to him because he’s amazing in every category, most importantly his incredible young attitude and personality. GOOOOO RIKER !!!

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