Dancing with the Stars May 19, 2015 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/19/15?

The winner of this season’s golden, unique, mirror ball trophy will be revealed tonight! Who among Rumer & Val, Riker & Allison and Noah & Sharna will win?

Before the the winner is announced, lots of performances are in store for us, viewers. Also, there’s still the 24 Hour Fusion Challenge in which the dance couples will perform a new routine. They only have less than 24 hours to prepare for this, who do you think will get a perfect score?

As of last night, both Rumer & Val and Riker & Allison got perfect scores of 80/80 while Noah & Sharna got 72/80. Scores for tonight’s challenge will be added to last night’s scores.

Also, this season’s eliminated dance couples will be back on stage. Plus, lots of guest performers are set to take the stage tonight, including Sia, and Jason Derulo.

Anyway, results will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook while waiting for it. Based from the poll last night, Rumer & Val gets first place, Riker & Allison gets second place and Noah & Sharna gets third place. Let’s find out tonight. Find out who wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, May 19, 2015.


Encore – Riker & Allison – they won the Freestyle Encore on Twitter.

Redfoo & Emma perform “Juicy Wiggle”

Charlotte & Keo perform

Sadie & Alfonso perform

Suzanne & Tony perform “Copacabana”

Robert & Kym dance to Cha Cha Cha

Jason Derulo performs “Want to Want ME”

Noah & Sharna and Derek & Amy perform

Chris & Witney dance to “Footloose”



Noah & Sharna

Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, Total – 36/40 + 72/80 = 108/120


Riker & Allison

Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, Total – 40/40 + 80/80 = 120/120


Rumer & Val

Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, Total – 40/40 + 80/80 = 120/120



Third Place – Noah & Sharna

Second Place – Riker & Allison

WINNER – Rumer & Val

22 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 19, 2015 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/19/15?

  1. Is this site censoring comments for Noah? My last one disappeared. I’d love to see him win – Used every email account I have an all the phones in my house to vote for him – but I think it’ll be Rumer and Val, too. Now please try to let this comment post.

  2. Rumer and Val are my #1. I hope they win. I have used my phone votes and all my internet votes from facebook to abc.com to even my family’s phones for Rumer and Val.

  3. goody for you and your 30 votes money bags Bruce and demi can buy a hell of a lot more phones to “vote” for silverspoon attitude so why try folks

  4. Of course Rumer and Val won. It was the plan of TPTB from the beginning of the season when they said it was Val’s turn. Then they promoted Val and Rumer as if they were on the top every single week. Then they made sure that Nastia and Derek were not in the finals because they would be the biggest challenge from a voting standpoint and the producers couldn’t let that happen.

  5. Wow what a surprise I think I will go puke yes she can dance fiine but this season it was all about her day one Val was told this is your season to win I think you’re going to win I give th credit but it doesn’t mean I have to like the cocky brats ego or attitude

  6. Totally agree with alexa and jojo day 1 the favorite was all out there and when first Mark and willow got eliminated and soon after nastia and Derek are eliminated unbelievable this season was kind of a joke

  7. This show is so predicable now! I’ve been a huge fan since season 2 and I get that the show has evolved BLAH blah blah but cmon, it boils down to fan base, it’s frustrating that it’s not always based on talent 😕
    in this case however, all 3 finalist deserved to be there. Val and rumer were the best! I knew by week 2 she was gonna be a finalist and same with riker. With Derek it’s a given he’ll ALWAYS make it to the finals- I was shocked when they got eliminated. I’m not disappointed at all, rumer and Val deserved to win, he’s a phenomenal performer (better than maks in my opinion). Noah and sharna- amazzzzing!!!
    The Allstar season was my favorite, I really miss Harold wheeler and his band, the shows just changing, still good, still a fan but I channel
    Surfed while watching the last few season…

  8. Well, I rather liked Rumer and Val. And admit it. There’d have been people complaining if Riker won, and people complaining if Noah won. They all have their fans and their haters, so just lay off. Val deserved to win, and they only won ’cause people voted for them! Votes can go a long way, people. And just because they promote one person doesn’t mean you have to vote for them. They promoted Noah and Riker, too. So calm down about it. This won’t change your life drastically. Geez.

    • No, it won’t change my life in the least. The show isn’t on in my time zone yet and I am not even going to watch most of it. It will be recording and then later, I will watch Derek’s performances, then turn it off. As for Rumer and Val winning, early on, I thought that I would want them to win if Derek and Nastia didn’t but the fact that they WERE promoted from day one was irritating – the producers even said it was Val’s turn – and once Rumer said they had no competition and Val made snarky comments about Derek and Nastia being “uninteresting”, I changed my mind. And while Noah was amazing and obviously a hero, from a dancing standpoint – and that’s what this is, a dance competition – he did not deserve to be in the finals over Derek and Nastia. The fans can vote for whomever they want but the fact that the judges scored Noah differently from the others was wrong. Obviously he had limitations but is he supposed to be in the finals just because he is an injured war vet? No. Len had always said in the past that he had to judge on the dance, footwork, frame, etc. but clearly that was not the case this year. I’m sure the producers were behind it because Noah was the story this year. Noah obviously had many, many fans but had he been judged based on his capabilities, he would not have knocked out Nastia and Derek, who were more deserving. I am absolutely not hating on Noah. He would get a standing O from me every dance if I was there. This show is just so manipulated now because they have to do something to keep it different. But the producers got what they set out to do from the first day so the show will go on.

  9. Uh. Are u talking to me lol, Im not excited, you’re the one who seems to be getting all charged up. It’s a REALITY show, relax!

  10. I’m only here because my wife made me look up the results 25 minutes before the show airs in Hawaii.
    I wish all the reality shows were canceled so she can get back to doing the damn laundry.

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