Dancing with the Stars May 20, 2014 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/20/14?

Tonight is the season finale of Dancing With the Stars Season 18! The winner of the mirror ball trophy will be announced! Will it Amy & Derek, Meryl & Maks or Candace & Mark?

These dance couples performed two routines last night – a Latin dance and a Freestyle. Among these three, Meryl & Maks topped the leaderboard, getting a perfect score of 60/60. Amy & Derek followed, getting a total score of 59/60 while Candace & Mark placed third, getting a total score of 51/60.

Many people have been expecting Candace & Mark to get the boot but many other teams have left before them. This happened before with the third finalist not necessarily the best dance couple there is but they reached the finale.

Anyway, for tonight, the finalists will still be dancing to a 24-hour Fusion Challenge, in which they will fuse two contrasting dance styles they have performed this season. They only have less than 24 hours to prepare for tonight’s competition. Who will get the highest score from the judges?

Tonight’s finale will be two-hour long. So expect lots of performances in between the results are announced on who gets the third place. Previous contestants this season will also be performing plus Ariana Grande is also set to perform her new single “Problem”.

Who will win this season? According to our poll, the winner will be Meryl & Maks. Amy & Derek will get second place while Candace & Mark will get third place. Will that be the case tonight?

Refresh your browser often during the show tonight as live results will be posted. While waiting for it, follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook. Find out who wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, May 20, 2014!

Update: Meryl & Maks are the winners of Dancing With the Stars 18!


3rd place – Candace & Mark

2nd place – Amy & Derek

WINNER – Meryl & Maks



– The top three finalists perform “It’s My Party” with the troupe and eliminated contestants

– James & Peta got the encore for their freestyle as voted by the fans

– Iggy Azalea performs her single “Fancy” feat. Charli XCX

– Amber Riley sings “Colorblind”

– Drew & Cheryl dances to Jive

– Meryl & Charlie perform together for the first time on the show

– NeNe Leakes performs with some of the female pros

– Cody Simpson sings “Surfboard”

– Ariana Grande sings “Problem”

– Macy’s Star of Dance with Amber Riley



Amy & Derek – Argentine Tango & Cha cha

– Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL 30/30


Candace & Mark – Quickstep & Samba

– Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9, TOTAL 27/30

Meryl & Maks – Foxtrot & Cha cha

– Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL 30/30


Meryl & Maks – 90/90

Amy & Derek – 89/90

Candace & MArk – 78/90

45 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 20, 2014 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/20/14?

  1. I really wish DWTS would get back to more of the traditional ballroom dance styles. Sometimes I don’t even recognize what dance they’re supposed to be doing. It looks more like a gymnastics competition.

  2. I wish in this order:

    Meryl and Maks 1st place

    Amy and Derek 2nd place

    James and Peta deserve 3rd place

    I like Danica and Val 4th place

    Charlie and Sharna? 5th place

  3. What am I reading from the other sites?! Who’s getting pity votes, Christian votes and it’s maks turn to win?
    How about voting for best partnership and sportsmanship?
    I’ll be watching tonight to see everyone perform again. They’re all winners.

  4. I wish in this order:
    CANDACE and Mark #1
    Amy and Derek #2
    Meryl and Maks #3

    I LOVE Candace! She is the reason I watch the show. 🙂

  5. Are you are out of your ever-loving mind? You thnk Candace is the best this season? Youput Meryl and Max in 3rd PLACE? That opinion proves there is something seriously wrong with your judgement. Meryl has been the best all season long. Amy Purdy has gotten breaks the rest of the contestants didn’t and Candace has gotten votes from anyone who doesn’t like the costumes but Meryl is and has been the best dancer out of the group.

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Meryl is an olympian who dances/ice skates. I expect her to be good. Honestly I’m not to fond on her character and not that impressed. However, Candace has shown so much improvement and started with NO experience. She has won my vote. Amy is an amazing inspiration. Yes, she has the best pro working with her and has had some breaks, but has not feet for crying out loud. She has also won my vote on more than one occasion.

      • What you are saying is that if you can skate you can dance. That’s the same as saying if someone can dance they can skate. Sorry, but it’s my opinion that is dumb as a box of rocks and still showing questionable judgement. As for Amy, yes, she is an amputee but she is being given breaks on the scoring that other contestants were not given. Points were taken off for foot position and posture, etc. and other standards that Amy was not held to. The judging has to be the same across the board for all with no breaks for anyone or it’s not fair judging. Meryl is still the best.

        • LittleMo… “dumb as a box of rocks”? That is really mean and uncalled for. Why are you so offended that someone has a different opinion than you? Are you a bully that you have to be rude and name call and such? You can root for your own person without being rude to others.

  6. We are rooting for Meryl and Maks. Meryl has consistently been the best dancer throughout the season. Amy, although very good, has been overscored. We are astounded Candace Bure is still there. She should have left before Drew Carey! That being said, we didn’t really think what James and Peta did for their freestyle was a dance. It looked more like a martial arts/American ninja kind of thing. Charlie should have also been in the final – not Candace.

  7. I’m for Meryl and Maks too! They have been the best this season! Besides the fact they are so in tune with each other it’s been great to see that side of Maks..he’s my favorite!!
    Amy & Derek for 2nd place
    Candace & Mark-3r d AND should have been 5th
    IMO Peta and James or Charlie and Sharna should be in 3rd spot.

  8. This is completely rigged. Unfair to put professional dancers like Meryl against ones who have never danced! Totally pre-determined. Then pair her with Max?
    Amy should win!!! I’m never watching again if Max & Meryl win. Serious. It’s fixed.

    • Meryl is a Olympic ice-dancer – on the ice is not even the same as on the floor. She has never danced off of a frozen surface. However inspirational Amy is and has been, she is not the best and however holier-than-thou Candace she is FAR from the best . Meryl and Max ARE the best.

      • Oh… Now I get why you are name calling people who actually like Candace… You have a personal problem with Candace because of her faith.

      • Stop being an internet bully, LittleMo. So pathetic how everyone attacks anyone who has a different opinion than yours. I see it EVERYWHERE now and I’m quite sick of it. Grow up and stop bullying people.

  9. Dancing and skating are 2 different things. Amy has spent more time crying about her legs and dancing on a table than improving her skills. Not saying she is not good, she is gorgeous on the dance floor and I love what she has accomplished, but Meryl has such beauty and grace on the floor. She is sweet and calm and takes all criticisms and improves each week. Candace, while she has improved, is not at the level that it takes to win.

    This is how I want it to play out:

    3. Candace and Mark
    2. Amy and Derrick
    3. Meryl and Maks

  10. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is why we vote. However, the vote from the previous week really makes it a popularity vote by the fans for each week and not a vote on the performance. None of the celebrities have been trained ballroom performers. Some celebrities with more charisma and ability than others, but not ballroom dancers. Athletics seem to do the best because of their great physical ability.

  11. I can’t believe it!!! Meryl started out this season as a professional dancer and at the end of the season….. SHE IS STILL A PROFESSIONAL DANCER!!! It’s amazing.

  12. Olympians – especially gold medal winners – do well because they know what it takes (and are willing to do what it takes) to win. That’s a mind-set and willpower few others have. Meryl and Maks deserve to win.

      • I think they got rid of Charlie so that Meryl and Charlie’s fan-base wouldn’t be split. If they both stayed in then neither would stand a chance to win it. I liked Charlie’s dancing better then Meryl’s, I was sad to see him go.

  13. Honestly everyone is entitled to their own opinion and no one should be criticized for their opinion. Meryl did a good job this season with Maks. Maks has never won and this season with Meryl he deserves to win. He and Meryl did an excellent job. Candace and Amy have done a great job too. They must have done something right to get to the final 3. We all put them in the final 3. We as individuals may not have voted for them but America as a whole voted for them to be in the final 3. Candace should have been out a long time ago, but like I said she must have done something right to get where she is. This show isn’t rigged. Amy and Derek are a good team. Candace and Mark are a good team. Meryl and Maks are a good team. They were all put together to push each other farther and to better themselves in dancing. So honestly Maks deserves to win. He’s always been an amazing dancer and he just happened to gotten teamed up with an Olympic figure skater. Shit happens. They did a great job and they deserve to win.

  14. Someone commented that all Amy does is cry about her legs and dance on tables. Maybe you forgot but, she is missing BOTH her legs. The fact that she can get her prosthetic legs to move the way they do is quite the accomplishment. I think people tend to forget that and if that doesn’t give her an edge or Meryl then I don’t know what does. Quite frankly she should win just for that fact. If you watched Meryl in the Olympics she and Charlie train in ballroom for their Ice Dance routines. So the fact that she has trained before should have disqualified her from this show. I would have it Amy, Candice and Meryl.

  15. Anyone is entitled to an opinion but others are entitled to an opinion about those opinions, too. People can deny it all they like but Amy is getting the pity vote. She shouldn’t be winning just because of her recovery from the medical adversities she has faced. This is about dance. She has not been docked points for things that other dancers have been held to. As for Meryl and Charlie training in dance, the ballet training was geared toward the balance aspect and is very different from ballroom. There are players on major league sports teams who use ballet as strengthening, blaance, and endurance training – unless those objecting to Meryl want to disqualify all athletes.

    • LittleMo, you’re not giving an opinion on their opinion. You’re ATTACKING, BULLYING, AND NAME CALLING anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Again, grow up.

  16. Meryl deserves this win. She is the best dancer I have ever seen on DWTS, and I have watched every dancer since season 3. As for Candace, she should have been eliminated weeks ago before Danica, Charlie, or James; right after NeNe. She just wasn’t that good.

  17. SO many sore losers because Candace did not win,
    but look at it this way, she was no comparison to
    how beautiful Meryl danced, she was like a swan.
    Candace did not have it, lets face it, the people
    voted here because she talked about God this and
    that, personally, that was not a place to bring God
    into it.

  18. Candace may be a nice and sweet person but nice and sweet doesn’t make you a winner!
    She did not have the talent that Meryl had. I can’t believe she made it into the finals. There were other more deserving dancers who got kicked off before their time. Amy was good also, but she was my 2nd choice but there’s no denying it, Max and Meryl deserved this win. I love Derik to death, but this was definitely Max’s time to win one for his partner. I was thrilled for them. I rooted for them all the way down the line.

    I’m also incensed that James got kicked off before Candace. But I got the results I wanted. Yay, to Max and Meryl. Great job.
    When that stupid Abby Lee Miller was on that week, that really hurt Max and Meryl, but they bounced right back, and I stood up and applauded Max for what he said about Abby…”I’m not interested in anything she has to say…” and the audience gave their approval for Max’s comment!

    Take that Abby…you have no business being on their judging…I’m assuming DWTS had her on as a guest judge just to see what kind of drama would erupt because of her stupidity. I can’t believe she teaches girls dance. I would never let any daughter of mine be subjected to her crxp.

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