Dancing with the Stars May 21, 2013 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/21/13?

It’s the season finale of Dancing With the Stars 16 tonight! One of the four remaining dance couples will win the mirror ball trophy tonight. Who did you vote for to be this season’s winner?

Get to see this season’s entire celebrity cast once again as they perform on the dance floor. Plus there are lots of musical guests on tonight’s two-hour finale.

The opening numbers will feature the entire cast with the pro and the troupe. Some of the musical guests are Pitbull, who will perform his new single “Hands Up”, PSY, who will sing his latest hit “Gentleman” and Jessica Sanchez who will wing Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment”.

Last night, Zen & Val topped the leaderboard getting a perfect score in each routine plus the highest score during the dance relay. Kellie & Derek placed second with their overall total to 64 out of 65. Aly & Mark came in third with their overall total of 61 out of 65 while Jacoby & Karina came in last getting an overall total of only 56.

The fourth-place couple will be announced within the first hour of the show. Will it be Jacoby & Karina? Meanwhile, the three remaining dance couples will perform a new routine in an instant dance in the next part of the show. The music they dance to will be given live on television. Their scores will round out the judges’ scores across both nights.

Who do you think will be win the third place? Who will be the runner-up? Who will win? Based from our poll, the winner will be Kellie & Derek with Zen & Val as the runner-up and Aly & Mark as the third placer. Will that be the case tonight?

Refresh your browser often during the show tonight as live results are posted. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook. Who wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, May 21, 2013? Results will be posted.

Update: Kellie & Derek wins Dancing With the Stars 16! Congratulations! For the complete results, check it out below! Till next season guys!


The final four perform with the other pros

Kellie & Derek’s freestyle got the encore!

Female finalists and DWTS dancers dance to “Girls” number

Wynona Judd sings while Tony Dovolani dances

Lisa Vanderpump dances with Gleb and Len Goodman!

Dorothy Hamill and Kristi Yamaguchi perform!

Psy performs his latest hit “Gentleman”

Jessica Sanchez performs “Feel This Moment”



– Kellie & Derek – Jive – “You Can’t Come In” by Little Richard

– Zen & Val – Jive

– Jacoby & Karina – Salsa



4th place – Aly & Mark

3rd place – Jacoby & Karina

2nd place – Zen & Val

WINNER – Kellie & Derek


33 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 21, 2013 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/21/13?

  1. Best of luck to all 4 I think it will be a close one. I am predicting Kelli and Derek win first, Ali or Zendaya 2nd or 3rd and 4th place Jacoby. What do u all think?

  2. Zendaya and Val should win but Derek will probably win again. Kellie’s freestyle was pretty but she just posed while Derek tossed and spun her around. Very little dancing. Aly and Mark will be third and Jacoby fourth.

  3. The fact that Aly is 4th (should be top 3 wherever), and they show TOOO much of Jacoby’s mom (and she has intimidated the judges), this show will take a hit. Maybe a small one, but I feel that the public will see it has started to turn into more of a goofy show (Carrie’s lame jokes etc) instead of focusing on real dance skills. Take care everyone. I know I will not be watching much anymore.

  4. Jacoby was better than Ally. As for the judges being intimidated by his mother – come on – really? When Rob Kardashian was on, his entire trashy family was on there and the judges were the least bit intimated by Khloe’s low-class heckling and they weren’t the least bit intimated by Mrs. Jones. All she did was cheer for her son like a lot of people – like Ozzie and Sharon did for Kellie Osborn.

  5. Ali was WAY better than Jacoby!! Not even sure what Jacoby is still doing there!! Even Ingo was better than Jacoby!! If he doesn’t go 3rd then this show is totally rigged!! Kellie should win in my opinion 🙂

  6. This whole season was overall one of their worst. I’ve stopped watching for the most part. I watch some of the dances from Monay after they go online so I can skip all the other lame crap. On tuesdays I check in here to see who was elimated. I’m west coast so I can find out before show even starts out here. Very disappointed to see Aly taking 4th. Really don’t care who wins at this point, really disappointing season!!

  7. Well people, the season is over. Whether or not the person you were rutting for won, I hope you all had fun. I am really sad that Zen didn’t win. It would have been nice to see such a younger son win this. I only wish we could start over and do it all again. Maybe she might have another chance. Anyway, I’m really as that we can’t all get together and blog like this anymore. But I can only hope that we will meet again, right here, next season. To season 16 and to the season to come. May this show go on forever. Goodbye.

    Girl Next Door out. (Peace) ;( 😉

  8. I really wanted Zendaya and Val. ): Derek ALWAYS wins! It’s time for somebody else to win. I’m so tired of Derek. I hate him. Always have, always will.

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