Dancing with the Stars May 24, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/24/11?

It’s Dancing with the Stars season 12 finale tonight, May 24, 2011. The winner among the final three couples will be revealed. Who will it be? Will we be surprised? Be back here for updates during the show as it will be provided here, as always.

Kirstie & Maks – They have many fans voting for them. Is it right for her to be in the finale? They got a total score of 54 last night with their freestyle and samba. Will we be surprised and they will emerge as the winner?0

Chelsea & Mark – They are in the top spot the past weeks and they got a total of 59. Will they get the mirror ball trophy? Will they fall in second?

Hines & Kym – Like Chelsea & Mark, they got a total score of 59 as well from their performance yesterday. Will they win?

The poll we posted here says it will be Hines & Kym. We’ll find out tonight if it’s true. What do you think?

Thanks for leaving your comments for the past weeks, very much appreciated. Please share your opinions and thoughts once again as we bring you updates.

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Update: Hines & Kym wins Dancing with the Stars!

The show is a replay of last night – finale airs at 9pm ET.

Chelsea & Mark dance Samba – score is 29

Kirstie & Maks dance Samba – score is 27

Hines & Kym dance Quickstep – score is 29


The Black Eyed Peas performs!

Josh Groban sings while Petra & Dmitry performs!

Kendra & Louis performs!

Sugar Ray & Ana and Chris & Cheryl perform!

Romeo & Chelsie performs!

Ralph & Karina performs!

Chelsea & Mark performs!

Kirstie & Maks performs!

Hines & Kym performs!

Btw all the finalists got a perfect score of 30 tonight!

Chelsea & Mark in third place!

Kirstie & Maks in second place!

198 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 24, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 5/24/11?

  1. I believe that Kirstie should win, she is awesome, especially being 60 and doing a cartwheel…I wish I could do that and I am a young um…29

  2. I want Kirstie because she has done an AWESOME job for someone her age. She shows you can still have fun and enjoy no matter how old you are!

    However, I wouldn’t mind Hines and Kim either. Go STEELER NATION!

    Just not Mark and Chelsea. I can’t stand Mark!

  3. not like I had a chance with Maks…but its good to know that all the good-looking guys are not gay!!! Nothing against gay, but im just sayin….blah blah

  4. Kirstie’s an idiot; just because she lost so much weight, duh, that means she’s a dancer ? I don’t think so. If she wins, then the fix is in and the show will not be worth watching ever again………

  5. WTG Kirstie! 2nd is FANTASTIC considering all that you have been through with this program! You were dedicated and AWESOME and very inspirational!

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