Dancing with the Stars May 5, 2015 Results DWTS 5/5/15

The first DWTS live results show this season airs tonight! It’s back until the rest of the season, which only have at least 2 weeks to go before the season finale. Who’s going to go home tonight? Note that it’s a double elimination night, so only 4 dance couples will remain at the end of the show.

Last night, Rumer & Val got the highest score, getting a perfect score of 40/40 for America’s Choice routine and the Dance Trio, while Riker & Allison, fall short of 2 points to get a perfect score, getting a total of 78/80. Nastia & Sasha placed third, getting an overall total of 76/80. These were the highest scoring dance couples.

Meanwhile, Chris & Witney got 4th place, getting an overall total of 64/80 while Noah & Sharna got 63/80.

Robert & Kym got the lowest score of 62/80. Will they be on of the teams to be eliminated?

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Update: Chris & Witney and Robert & Kym got eliminated!


Noah & Sharna – SAFE!

Rumer & Val – SAFE!


Nastia & Derek – SAFE!

Riker & Allison – IN JEOPARDY! SAFE!



Robert & Kym

Chris & Witney

13 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars May 5, 2015 Results DWTS 5/5/15

  1. Robert and Chris did give it their all but they were the weakest. I applaud them both especially Chris on how far and how much they have improved way to go. Go team nastia and derek and washable awesome job

  2. Whitney is really good and her partner Chris tried very hard each week it could’ve been worst they did hang in there til almost the end of the final week so Kudos for Whitney and Chris!!!

  3. Afraid, unfortunately, that Chris can’t “go back” to Whitney #1 – according to he news, the two of them have ended their engagement – evidently, Whitney#1 felt that Chris was entirely too friendly with Whitney #2 and put an end to the relationhip. Too bad, but Chris had to rise above his “kissing them all” reputation from his stint a The Bachelor an simply couldn’t do it. Whitney #1 didn’t like it one bit! Can’t say I blame her.

  4. nooooo although i like Derick he should have left the show do to him being hurt and they shouldnt have brought in a replacemet they dont do it for the stars why do it for the pros

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