Dancing with the Stars November 22 2010 Finale Part 1 11/22/10

Dancing with the Stars November 22, 2010 is the finale night part 1! Are you excited to watch the final three contestants perform for the last two nights on the show? Which couple are you going to vote for after you’ve seen them dance on DWTS 11/22/10?

The final three couples Jennifer & Derek, Bristol & Mark and Kyle & Lacey will be performing two routines tonight, one is Freestyle and the other one we’ll find out during the show, which airs from 8pm to 9pm ET.

By the way, the producers and executives had a panic attack last Friday night when staff found some weird white powder in a fanmail, which believes to be intended for Bristol Palin. It was found out later on that it’s a talcum powder. What can you say about this?

Will Bristol turned out to be the best dancer for tonight and might get lots of votes? We’ll find out soon!

Stay tuned for the numbers to for you to vote as we’ll provide it here. We also hope to find videos for those who were not able to watch it. We’re excited for Dancing with the Stars 11/22/10 finale part 1.

Taken the poll yet? Who wins Dancing with the Stars Season 11?

Text Numbers to Vote

Jennifer & Derek – 1-800-868-3411; score is 30 on Paso Doble, 10 30 on Freestyle

Kyle & Lacey – 1-800-868-3403; score is 27 on Foxtrot, 29 on Freestyle

Bristol & Mark – 1-800-868-3407;┬áscore is 27 on Jive; 25 on Freestyle


Bristol & Mark Nov 22 Video

Kyle & Lacey Nov 22 Video

Jennifer & Derek Nov 22 Video

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