Dancing with the Stars November 22, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/22/11?

The second part of Dancing with the Stars season 13 finale airs live tonight, November 22, 2011 from 9pm to 11pm ET. The finale includes performances from this season’s other contestants as well as a couple more performances from guest celebrities before we find out who the winner is. Will there be some surprises?

The final three couples will perform their favorite dance this season and Samba. Will everyone be in top shape tonight and do well in both dances?

Rob & Cheryl – They got the highest score last night, getting a total score of 57. We consider him as the underdog this season. He has come a long way and improvements can be seen each week. Will this dance couple be the one to get the MBT this season? Many thinks this couple win win. Are they going to be correct?

Ricki & Derek – They got a total of 54 points last night, with the judges loving their freestyle. The couple were usually given the highest score by the judges, but will it happen again tonight? Will Derek win again, or will he be a runner-up this time?

J.R. & Karina – Like Ricki & Derek, this dance couple got the highest score for a couple of weeks this season. Last night, the judges gave them a total score of 54. Len, Bruno & Carrie Ann didn’t like their first routine but loved their second routine, giving them a perfect score of 30 for their freestyle. Will they win this season?

We’ve asked you on who do you think will be the Dancing with the Stars winner and your answer is J.R. & Karina, followed by Ricki & Derek then Rob & Cheryl. Will you guys be correct?

Anyway, follow us on twitter if you haven’t yet. We’ll be providing live updates during the show. After Tom Bergeron have announced who won Dancing with the Stars November 22, 2011 results, please leave a comment to share your thoughts and opinions, thanks!

UpdateJ.R. & Karina wins Dancing with the Stars 13!

Live updates below…


Third Place – Ricki & Derek!

Second Place – Rob & Cheryl!

WINNERJ.R. & Karina!


Finale time!

Recaps from last night!

Lady Antebellum performs!



Ricki & Derek

– Favorite Dance – Tango – Theme from Psycho – 30

**Len – it’s one of the most memorable this season; Bruno – it was more than a Tango, unforgettable; Carrie Ann – it was everything, beyong perfection



Rob & Cheryl

– Favorite Dance – Foxtrot – Fly Me to the Moon – 27

** Bruno – you really have improved beyond one’s expectation; Carrie Ann – there was this elegance and refinement, you’ve grown so much; Len – you got the best footwork of any guy I’ve seen on the show

– Samba – 30



J.R. & Karina

– Favorite Dance – Jive – 28

** Carrie Ann – you inspire us, such a catalyst of joy; Bruno – that was fun, fun fun. Len – good you missed out the lindy.

– Samba – 30


Chynna & Tony performs!

Carson & Anna performs!

Nancy & Tristan performs!

Chaz & Lacey performs!

David & Kym performs!

more performances…

182 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars November 22, 2011 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/22/11?

  1. Don’t forget to watch Good Morning America tomorrow because all 3 final couples will be appearing. Great chance to see JR again with the MBT. Woo hoo!

  2. I’m glad to see Karina’s partner win. She’s worked so hard through the whole history of the show. I actually was cheering for Rob. At least one of that clan should be able to accomplish something on their own!

  3. So bummed… Jr won! Rob did so well and he really showed how he is an amazing dancer! I will never forget seeing baby mason in the crowd as a native American!!!! So cute. Good times rob you truly are my favorite contestant on dwts:)

  4. I cant believe Rikki was in 3rd place?! She was great! I knew JR would win. They judges loved everything he did. They tried to seem objective but they already loved him.

  5. Congradulations on the win ~ I’m so proud of JR & Karina. I’m proud of Ricki & Derek too but surprised they came in 3rd thought they would come 2nd place.

  6. Congrats to JR & Karina! Well deserved MBT.

    To all you DWTS fans – see you next season! Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving. Take care.

  7. If not for “Patriotic/Sympathy” voting and voting for “Looks” , Rikki so would have won!!! She improved and BECAME such a wonderful DANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rob kardashian is the winner in my book:) he is beyond the best contestant on dancing with the stars his effort/motivation was extreamly strong!

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