Dancing with the Stars November 23 2010 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/23/10?

It’s Dancing with the Stars season 11 finale tonight, November 23, 2010. The winner will finally be revealed. Are you excited to find out who the winner is? We are very much eager to know DWTS 11/23/10 winner. As always, we’ll provide live updates during the show.

Bristol and Mark – Many people were shocked when they get into the final three. Even the judges were shocked and they even said it during the show how shocked they were. For the fans, they think Bristol deserves to be in finale. Will the fans vote for them making them the DWTS 2010 winner tonight? She did well dancing the Freestyle and Jive though. She might end up first runner-up if not the winner.

Kyle and Lacey – The comedian have greatly improved over the past weeks and as you can see on his performances, he really enjoys dancing. Will Kyle have lots of fans to vote for him for him to be the winner this season 11? He’s in second place for the finale, by the way, computing the judges’ scores.

Jennifer and Derek – Many are predicting that they will be this season 11 winner. Derek is very lucky to have partners assigned to him who are already a good dancer, like last season, where he gets partnered with Nicole Scherzinger. They were the first couple to get 10s this season and Jennifer is really a good dancer. She always wow the judges each week with her performance and in the first finale night, she and Derek got a perfect score of 60. Will they be the winner?

We’ve asked you to take the poll Who wins Dancing with the Stars Season 11? Many voted for Jennifer & Derek to win, with Kyle & Lacey being the runner-up and Bristol & Mark in third place. Will this be the case tonight on the show?

Thanks for leaving your comments last week, very much appreciated. Please share your opinions and thoughts once again as we bring you live updates.

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Updates: JENNIFER & DEREK WINS DWTS SEASON 11; Kyle & Lacey – second place; Bristol & Mark – third place;

It’s show time!

All season 11 contestants perform

Christina Aguilera performs

Kyle & Lacey perform Tango (9,8,9) – 26

Bristol & Mark perform Tango (8,9,8) – 25

Jennifer & Derek perform Viennese Waltz (10,10,10) – 30

David Hasselhoff performs

Kurt & Anna perform

Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson perform

The Situation and Karina perform

Brandy & Maks perform

Christina Aguilera performs again

The finalists are about to perform Cha-cha-cha

The battle begins!

Kyle & Lacey performs first, Jennifer & Derek follows, then Bristol & Mark


Kyle & Lacey (9,9,10) – 28

Jennifer & Derek (9,9,10) – 28

Bristol & Mark (9,9.9) – 27

Third place will be announced next – Tom said

Third Place – Bristol & Mark!

Second Place – Kyle & Lacey!

Winner – Jennifer & Derek!

Thanks for the comments guys! Till next time! Updates on other reality shows will be posted as well so check back this site again!

81 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars November 23 2010 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/23/10?

  1. I’m a newbie to this show, and only watch at all because it’s the main lunch table fodder. I personally lived Maks; not necessarily with Brandy. I think the pros do get stacked somewhat. Derek seems to consistently have one of the strongest partners. I think that it wad unfair to put Bristol on a show with “stars” and hold her to the same level of performance as actual performers. She has definitely improved, and is no worse than the situation.
    I think it would be cool to see one season where alm the stars had dance training (like Catherine Zeta Jones and Paul Mercurio). Then see what the pros could do with that.

  2. I am completely happy doing a happy dance and all that BRISTOL did not win. She should of been gone 4 weeks the only reason she made it this far was because of her mommy

  3. Oh boo…I think I’ll quit watching the show now. I’m so disappointed that Jennifer won. I don’t think the voting was fair at all. I tried to vote last night on ABC/DWTS.com and it wouldn’t let me vote for Kyle and my friend was not able to vote for Bristol. Ii think the whole thing was rigged somehow!

  4. I figured it was gonna end up this way I wanted Kyle to win but I couldn’t vote:( oh well Jennifer is good I knew she was gonna win

  5. Wisp:

    Thanks Admin for a fun site!

    Happy Thanksgiving posters… left and right! :) We’re all in this together!

    You’re welcome! Till next season! American Idol coming up next year and another show with Paul Abdul. 🙂

  6. I think that it wad unfair to put Bristol on a show with “stars” and hold her to the same level of performance as actual performers.

    But that’s the way the show works. It’s also “unfair” to put Florence Henderson (age 76) in competition with people who are less than a third of her age, in a competition that relies so much on physical skills. But Henderson knew what she was getting into, she chose to do it. So did Palin. Once you agree to be on the show, you are expected to aim for professional standards, regardless of your background.

    Of course, the fan votes can obviously undermine the judges’ emphasis on professional standards. We’ve seen that occur more than once; this just happens to be a particularly emphatic example. I have nothing against Bristol Palin (her mom is a different story, but it’s not her fault who her mom is!), but she is really not up to that standard and should have been eliminated long before now. I’m relieved that the final outcome did reflect some real sense of the standards of the craft, and not just a popularity contest.

  7. Ok Bristol u think everyone hates u well not everyone hates u people just think u shouldn’t be on the show because of your dancing skills ok I don’t hate u i just think u suck at dancing but u have been improving

  8. Jennifer should not have been competing in the 1st place. She is a professional dancer. They paid her to do the movie Dirty Dancing. She did 2 songs from the movie on the show. She whinned and acted ridiculous through most of the competition. Her constant drama was revolting. I tried to vote and other family members tried to vote and the web site would never let us in. I think the show was rigged for the judges to get who they wanted. I will never watch again.

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