Dancing with the Stars November 24, 2015 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/24/15?

The second part of Dancing With the Stars Season 21 finale is tonight. Who among the remaining top three teams will get the mirror ball trophy?

Last night, both Nick & Sharna and Bindy & Derek got a perfect score of 60/60, which is both for the unlearned dance and the freestyle challenge. Meanwhile, Alek & Lindsay were 3 points behind, getting a total score of 57/60.

Tonight, there will be the fusion dance challenge, in which teams must learn a dance in 24 hours.

That, and more performances are in store, we’ll find out the winner at the end of the show.

Who do you think will win? It’s only between Nick & Sharna and Bindi & Derek, you agree?

Anyway, results will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook while waiting for it.Find out who wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, November 24, 2015.



All celebrity contestants and their dance partners perform live at The Grove.

Chaka Khan – “I’m Every Woman”

Kim & Tony perform

Nick & Sharna perform encore dance routine

Victor & Karina perform

Andy Gramer – “Good To Be Alive (Hallelujah)”

Alek & Lindsay perform encore dance routine

Gary & Anna perform

Elle King perform “Ex’s & Oh’s”

Haye’s & Emma perform

Alexa & Mark perform “Breaking Bad” dance routine

Nick & Sharna

Carrie Ann – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, Total – 30/30


Bindi & Derek

Carrie Ann – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, Total – 30/30


Alek & Lindsay

Carrie Ann – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, Total – 27/30



Third Place – Alek & Lindsay

Second Place – Nick & Sharna

WINNER – Bindi & Derek

7 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars November 24, 2015 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/24/15?

  1. Go Bindi!!! She is just an inspiration to everyone to keep on going. Wow most would pack it in with those toes, feet, and other bruses. Such a trooper. She is so genuine and truly cares about everyone. If everyone could take a little bit of warmth that she radiates them world would truly be a better place. She inspires me to be a better person.

  2. I’m rooting for Alek to win. Nothing against Bindi at all. She dances very well and is a nice young woman. I’m just beyond sick of seeing this turned into “The Derek Show.”

  3. Congratulations and well deserved. You are awesome. Please don’t change. All three were great. Congrats to all. Nick my hat is off to you. You really should class. When y I said bindi deserved it she kicked butt. I really have great respect for you.

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