Dancing with the Stars November 25, 2014 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/25/14?

The part 2 of Dancing With the Stars Season 19 Finale airs tonight! Woohoo! Can’t wait to find out who among the final three will be this season’s winner! Will it be Alfonso & Witney, Sadie & Mark or Janel & Val?

Last night, two dances were performed each by the finalists. The first dance was either Jive or Samba while their second dance was a Freestyle.

Alfonso & Witney got the highest and perfect score of 80/80! Sadie & Mark got a total of 78/80 while Janel & Val got 77/80.

Bethany & Derek got eliminated at the end of last night’s finale part 1. Many were surprised that they got voted off while many agree they should be the one to get the boot.

Meanwhile, I have asked you to take part in the poll on who do you think will win and the results say that Alfonso & Witney will win, with Sadie & Mark placing in second and Janel & Val in third place.

Find that out tonight if your predictions are correct. Results will be posted. Follow this blog on Twitter, or like on Facebook while waiting for tonight’s results. The dance couple who wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, November 25, 2014 will be posted.

Update: Alfonso & Witney wins DWTS 19!
Sorry for the late update – crappy internet connection urgh!

Third Place – Janel & Val
Second Plane – Sadie & Mark
Winner – Alfonso & Witney

Randy Couture & Karina Smirnoff – Foxtrot
Jonathan Bennett & Allison Holker – Jazz
Val & Janel – “America” dance
Betsey Johnson & Tony Dovolani – Cha Cha Cha
Michael Waltrip & Emma Slater – Cha Cha Cha
Antonio Sabata Jr & Cheryl Burke – Cha Cha
Tommy Chong & Peta Murgatroyd – Cha Cha Cha
Bethany & Derek – Paso Doble

32 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars November 25, 2014 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/25/14?

  1. All the complaining about Alfonso having experience. Yes he has as so many others did this year. Last year and every year since the show pretty much started. Along with Derek and Mark along with a few others that always get younger note capable partners. Were as say Tony and Cheryl get older more challenging partners. It is a show for our entertainment. So just enjoy it people quit gripping or just don’t watch.

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