Dancing with the Stars November 27, 2012 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/27/12?

The season finale of Dancing With the Stars – All Stars airs tonight, from 8pm to 10pm ET 9pm to 11pm ET. The three dance couples will take the stage for the last time to perform an Instant dance routine. That means, teams will be given what they will dance to minutes before they perform live. The judges’ scores will be added to their scores last night. Who do you think will win the mirror ball trophy?

Kelly & Val were the first team to dance. They got a total of 29 for their favorite dance, which was the Paso Doble. Finally, Kelly got a 10 from the judges. They said that was her best dance to date. She should be very happy because their freestyle got a perfect score of 30! Again, the judges thought that was wonderful! However, even with these kind of comments, Kelly & Val will be get the third place.

Melissa & Val danced Samba for their favorite dance and as expected, the couple got a perfect score of 20. The judges said their dance was fabulous and that the technique was great. For their freestyle, again, the judges can’t get over on how wonderful their performance was. Thus, giving them another perfect score of 30. Will they get another 30 tonight? They could really win this season. What do you think?

Shawn & Derek performed last. They did the Quickstep for their favorite dance. As expected, the judges  criticize them so much because of too much rule breakage. Thus, their score for this routine was 27, which made placed them at the bottom of the leaderboard. Their freestyle got a perfect score of 30 though. But would that be enough or will their scores affect the votes as well?

We’ve made a poll asking you on who you think will win Dancing With the Stars 15 and your answer was Shawn & Derek will win this season. Melissa & Tony will be on second place while Kelly & Val in third place. Find out whether you guys are correct tonight as the results are revealed.

Other celebrities who were eliminated will be dancing again as we wait for the announcement of the winners, which will be revealed at the end of the show.

As always, updates will be provided here. Refresh your browser often for the latest results, but expect the announcement of the winner only at the end of the show though. Follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for updates. Who wins Dancing With the Stars tonight, November 27, 2012? Results will be here.


Third Place – Kelly & Val!

Second Place – Shawn & Derek

WINNER – Melissa & Tony


Refresh your browser for the results

Expect lots of performances from the celebrities and their pro-dance partners!

The troupe performs to a dance choreographed by Lacey Schwimmer.


INSTANT DANCES – 1 hour to rehearse

Kelly & Val picks “The Cat and Mouse Jive”

Melissa & Tony picks “Life is a Highway Samba”

Shawn & Derek is left with “Respect Cha Cha”



Bristol & Mark performs!

Helio & Chelsie performs!

Drew & Anna performs!

Team dance to “Gangnam Style” (Emmit & Cheryl, Kirstie & Maks, Joey & Kym, Gilles & Peta)

Joey & Kym performs!

Sabrina & Louis performs!

Team Call Me Maybe performs – Drew & Ana joined since Melissa & Tony and Shawn & Derek are in the finals

Apolo & Karina performs!



Kelly & Val – Jive
Carrie Ann – 9.5, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 9.5 = 28.5 + 59 = 87.5/90


Melissa & Tony – Samba
Carrie Ann – 9.5, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 9.5 = 28.5 + 60 = 88.5/90


Shawn & Derek – Cha Cha
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 10, Bruno – 10 = 30 + 57 = 87/90

50 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars November 27, 2012 Finale Results Winner, Who won 11/27/12?

  1. Although I agree with poll results that Shawn and Derek will probably win, I’m hoping Melissa and Tony will take the trophy home. While I applaud Derek’s creative choreography, rules are rules, and if the judges feel it necessary to mark him down because some rules are broken, that’s the risk he takes.

  2. Changes needed to be made:
    – Get rid of Carrie Ann. She is not funny at all.
    – Top 3 scores should be immune to leaving (per week)…would’ve saved Sabrina and Gilles.

    • Great ideas! Especially love your 2nd idea. Would be great if the show actually made some worthwhile changes for next season. Its 15 seasons and really getting stale. Even with the allstars, I found myself bored this season.

  3. @ DM and Matt H you guys have the remote controls nobody’s twisting your arms to watch; not happy with the show, the best thing you can do is write to the producers and not on this site for it will not be heard. Or better yet, invest money on to it so you can have a say!

    • So, I have a few ideas for changes and yet somehow I don’t like the show eh???? I do watch it, but everything at times needs changes here and there. Are they going to get rid of anyone??? Of course not. It was just a suggestion tiger. Just messin around. Relax.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion including you with your opinion about not liking our opinions. LOL.

      To paraphrase you — if you don’t want to read our opinions, then please skip over them. No one is twisting your arm to read them. But thanks anyways for your insight. Have a nice evening. 🙂


  5. I agree carrie ann should go. Good luck to melissa she really deserves this. This show should start using a save card, so good dancers can stay along with the dancers, like kirstie, marie osmond, jerry springer. I realize it’s america voting, i just wish they would vote on talent, and not clowning theatrics.

  6. Tony had Stacy Keebler in one season and she was a better dancer than Melissa (he also had Melissa before). The problem was that he always plays it safe and is a boring choeographer. I did not like his dance last night. It didn’t showcase Melissa very well. I think Derek is an exceptional choreographer and always makes his partners look good. Shawn has been phenomenal all season. They deserve to win!

  7. Like some I did get a bit bored this season. I hate the 8:00 time slot and would rather see it on at 9:00. Monday night football doesn’t end until 8:30 pst. I like the judges and Bruno cracks me up. Only thing that should change is the time. And please, please never bring back Kirstie. I’ve seen enough of her to last a liftetime!

  8. I really wanted Gilles Marini to win this season b/c he and Cheryl Burke got robbed his 1st time around. But,, since he can,’t I am so rooting for Kelly and Val. Melissa is a goof and I thoroughly detest both shawn and derek.

  9. Everyone is entitled to their preference & opinion…I find the myth about a romance between Val & Kelly to be laughable so hope they get the “boot” first..They can’t even act romantic is MY opinion ..Then I hope Tony & Melissa win because they do deserve the mirror ball trophy ..that happens to be MY opinion…deal with it : )

  10. I agree. I am rooting for Melissa & Tony. It has been a set up for Derek since the beginning. The judges critize him for not following the rules of the dance, but continue to give him big score; not the other couples, they get low scores for any little slight. Derek may be good, but so are the other dancers and they should be given the same consideration that the judges give Derek. I am so sick of his Smart A… EGO. Give Melissa and Tony the award; they deserve it.

    • Have you ever heard the expression –
      If you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all?!
      You sound like a Smart A EGO, not Derek!

  11. Can anyone remember if there has ever been an encore dance in the finale? I’ve watched all 15 seasons and I don’t remember such a thing occurring.

  12. How many ballroom contests has Carrie won, or even participated in (fly girls don’t dance ballroom)?
    Carrie, Carrie go away! Don’t come back another day!
    If they handcuffed her she would not be able to speak.

  13. Like I said everyone has a right to their opinion…doesn’t mean others r wrong or don’t have taste it just means it is how you feel or I feel… Personally I am thrilled for Melissa & Tony & feel they are deserving of the MBT ! Yeah !
    See ‘yall next season……

  14. I hate it that Derek and Shawn didn’t win since Gilles/Peta and Emmitt/Cheryl were already eliminated. Melissa didn’t dance like a pro or a MBT winner. Pity votes…I think.

  15. I was rooting for Derek and Shawn. I will miss Derek, because tonight was his last season of dancing with the stars :(. Overall emotional season with it’s high and lows.

  16. Pity votes — that’s laughable! Especially since at some point or another all 3 finalists had pity parties as shown in their video packages.

    Yes, Melissa kept talking about never winning and she a neck injury at some point.

    Then Kelly kept talking about the show being hard work and how she hasn’t danced in 7 years.

    And don’t forget Shawn had quite the pity party too. She had a hurt knee and Derek had a hurt neck or back. And Shawn kept talking about having to retire from gymnastics and how hard it was for her to come to terms with it. She mentioned this almost every week. Yes, we get it already, you are retired from a sport that has a very short life span.

    Remember it’s all in the editing by the show’s producers, whatever they can do to heighten the “drama”. But after awhile the same “stories” are lame.

    Anyways the show is finally over and a new winner has been crowned. So once again CONGRATS to Melissa & Tony!! Very happy for you two.

  17. How cute was Drew & Anna’s dance? I loved the fact that his daughter was in it, it’s a memory they’re both going to have forever. I’m proud of Melissa & Tony, been a huge fan of hers since 2006 which was her rookie season of DCC

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