Dancing with the Stars November 9, 2015 Results DWTS 11/9/15 Scores

Two routines will be performed tonight, by each dance couple on Dancing With the Stars Week 9! Are you excited for tonight’s episode? I think what’s exciting among the 2 routines is the musical theatre-inspired duet with another couple. They will be dancing side-by-side with another couple, with the same song and with the same scores from the judges.

Who’s dancing what?

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Alek & Lindsay – Salsa – 1-855-234-5601
Carrie Ann – 8, Julianne – 8, Bruno – 8, TOTAL – 24/30


Alexa & Mark – Contemporary – 1-855-234-5602
Carrie Ann – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 30/30


Carlos & Witney – Argentine Tango – 1-855-234-5605
Carrie Ann – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, TOTAL – 27/30


Bindi & Derek – Viennese Waltz – 1-855-234-5604
Carrie Ann – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 30/30


Tamar & Val – Contemporary – 1-855-234-5612
Carrie Ann – 8, Julianne – 7, Bruno – 7, TOTAL – 22/30
** Tamar was not back from the hospital (she got pneumonia) so the judges scored her dress rehearsal


Nick & Sharna – Quickstep – 1-855-234-5610
Carrie Ann – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 28/30


Alek & Lindsay and Carlos & Witney – Paso doble
Carrie Ann – 8, Julianne – 8, Bruno – 8, TOTAL – 24/30


Alexa & Mark and Bindi & Derek – Charleston
Carrie Ann – 10, Julianne – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 30/30


Nick & Sharna and Tamar & Val – Rumba
Carrie Ann – 9, Julianne – 9, Bruno – 9, TOTAL – 27/30
** Tamar is dancing – she’s back from the hospital



Those who are SAFE are

– Bindi & Derek

– Nick & Sharna

– Alek & Lindsay

– Tamar & Val


ELIMINATED – Alexa & Mark



Alexa & Mark – 60/60 – eliminated though

Bindi & Derek – 60/60

Nick & Sharna – 55/60

Carlos & Witney – 51/60

Alek & Lindsay – 48/60

Tamar & Val – 49/60


13 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars November 9, 2015 Results DWTS 11/9/15 Scores

  1. Alexa and Mark shouldn’t have been eliminated. Alek&Tamar are way worse then them. They should’ve stayed and either Tamar or Alek should’ve went home. So stupid

  2. I sure hope that I’m in a nite mare reading Kimmies comment that Alexa and mark were eliminated. That is BULL if it is true. Tamar should be out out and out. I don’t like her Ora and self-centeredNess. There’s one thing to be confident and humble and she surely doesn’t have the humility to go along with being good. She’s gotta go. PLEASE PLEASE BE A NITE MARE and Tamar is gone

  3. Tamar should have been eliminated. Why was she allowed to be voted for and not eliminated when she didn’t danced. Rehearsal should not count, they didn’t allow the real housewife continue because she didn’t dance, then Tamar should not have been treated differently. Fair is Fair.

  4. Tamar should NOT have been allowed to participate in round 2 since she didn’t dance LIVE on the first dance. We as dwts “club” need to make sure not to vote for her. Come on everyone let’s make sure she goes next. The other contestant was eliminated cause of her illness so she should not have been allowed to dance the second one. Go team Bindi and Derek.

  5. Tamar should have been eliminated. She thinks she’s the best dancer, she is soooooo wrong. She looks robotic and rehearsed. No fluidity does not look natural dancing at all and is full of herself. She should not have been given that dance to remain. By tamar it’s time for you to go.

  6. Tamar should have automatically been disqualified because she was not able to do her dance. This is no different than when the real housewives gal was eliminated because she couldn’ be there to dance. Absolutely no different. You cannot have these double standards dwts’s. Fair is fair, I’m surprised your legal team allowed it. Bad bad decision and it is not right.

  7. Tamara should have eliminated because she was not there for the first dance. Then she grandstands by showing up from the emergency room to get sympathy votes. I hope she is voted off next week.

  8. I think this show is rigged, how is it that when the lady from desperate housewives was in the hospital she it eliminated ( you don’t preform you don’t stay on the show) but Tamar goes in the hospital and they judge her dress rehearsal?? That is completely ridiculous. She should have been eliminated and Alexa through to next week.

  9. I think the judges are unfair to any partner that mark is with. There is obvious bias there. Mark and Alexa and Derek and Bindi should have been the top two fighting for the mirror ball.

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