Dancing with the Stars October 13, 2014 Results DWTS 10/13/14 Scores

It’s Dancing With the Stars 19 Week 5 tonight! There are 9 remaining dance couples to perform, and tonight is the partners switch-up. Last season, no one was eliminated that week. Will that happen again tonight?

As a recap of last week’s performances, Alfonso & Witney topped the leaderboard, getting a perfect score of 40 out of 40. Lea & Artem followed, getting a total score of 39. Sadi & Mark came in third with a score of 37 while Janel & Val got 36.

Bethany & Derek got a total of 33/40, which is three points from what Janel & Val got.

Meanwhile, Antonio & Cheryl and Betsey & Tony both got a total 29 points while Tommy & Peta got 28.

Michael & Emma and Jonathan & Allison were the lowest scoring couples last week, with Michael & Emma getting 25 and Jonathan & Allison getting 24. However, that doesn’t mean that the lowest scoring couples go home. Betsey & Tony went home, even if they got 29/40. Do you think they deserve to go home?

Anyway, for tonight’s performances, find out below who are this week’s dance partners, what will be their routines and their songs.

Jessie J will be the guest judge and performer for tonight.

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Antonio & Allison – Bollywood – 1-800-868-3401
Carrie Ann-8, Jessie-6, Julianne-7, Bruno-7, TOTAL – 28/40


Bethany & Mark – Hip-hop – 1-800-868-3403
Carrie Ann-8, Jessie-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-8, TOTAL – 32/40


Jonathan & Peta – Jitterbug – 1-800-868-3406
Carrie Ann-6, Jessie-6, Julianne-6, Bruno-6, TOTAL – 24/40


Alfonso & Cheryl – Flamenco – 1-800-868-3402
Carrie Ann-8, Jessie-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-8, TOTAL – 34/40


Janel & Artem – Burlesque – 1-800-868-3405
Carrie Ann-8, Jessie-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-9, TOTAL – 33/40


Michael & Witney – Disco – 1-800-868-3409
Carrie Ann-5, Jessie-5, Julianne-5, Bruno-5, TOTAL – 20/40


Tommy & Emma – Mambo – 1-800-868-3413
Carrie Ann-6, Jessie-6, Julianne-5, Bruno-6, TOTAL – 23/40


Sadie & Derek – Charleston – 1-800-868-3411
Carrie Ann-9, Jessie-9, Julianne-9, Bruno-9, TOTAL – 36/40


Lea & Val – Broadway – 1-800-868-3407
Carrie Ann-9, Jessie-8, Julianne-8, Bruno-9, TOTAL – 34/40


Sadie – 36/40
Alfonso – 34/40
Lea – 34/40
Janel – 33/40
Bethany – 32/40
Antonio – 28/40
Jonathan – 24/40
Tommy – 23/40
Michael – 20/40

9 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars October 13, 2014 Results DWTS 10/13/14 Scores

  1. To comment on the question of Betsey and Tony, I don’t think they deserved to go home last week. Betsey was a better dancer than some who stayed. She was also entertaining.

  2. I love watching dancing with the stars, they need to get rid of Jullianne Hough she is to quick to judge and we all know that the first few weeks are more fun than talent.
    They need to bring Brooke back too!

  3. First thing they need to do is get some real stars.

    Second thing is the best thing they ever did was get Julianne Hough. She is a true judge.

    Third thing is that they need to clean house on the judges bench and start over — with Julianne as the exception.

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