Dancing with the Stars October 18 2010 Performance Show 10/18/10

Dancing with the Stars October 18, 2010 will have the remaining eight pairs perform on stage once again. It’s a TV theme Week so are you eager to find out what the couples are going to dance tonight? Have the dancers we are going to watch on DWTS 10/18/10 improved over last week?

The celebrity contestants and their dance partners are going to perform an unlearned dance from the past four weeks or Tango. What are the routines they are tasked to perform tonight?


–¬†Brandy & Maksim

– Kurt & Anna


– Rick & Cheryl

– Audrina & Tony


– Jennifer & Derek

– Kyle & Lacey


–¬†Florence & Corky


– Bristol & Mark

Will Bristol and Mark be one of the lowest scorers again, or they will surprise the judges and be given the highest score? Updates will be here so please stay tuned for the scores on Dancing with the Stars 10/18/10 week 5.

One thought on “Dancing with the Stars October 18 2010 Performance Show 10/18/10

  1. I was distracted by two performances, Bristol Palin’s entrance in the monkey suit and the choice of the Theme from the Brady Bunch for the Argentine Tango. Jennifer Grey’s dance reminded me of an old 1950 TV sitcomb, not the TV series, Love and Marriage. I don’t think they were bad performances, but they were not my favorites either. I found the number to Charlie’s Angel’s distracting too.

    The ones I liked the most for theme night were Brandy’s, Cheryl’s, Audrina’s, and Anna’s.

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