Dancing with the Stars October 22, 2012 Scores DWTS 10/22/12 Call Numbers

This week’s Dancing With the Star will be all about performances. It’s Guilty Pleasures week so enjoy two nights of performances from these couples. There will be no elimination but the scores and votes will be added to the following week’s scores and votes. Also take note that both Monday and Tuesday episode is only an hour long and half of the contestants perform Monday while the other half perform on Tuesday.

Also, for the first time on the show, the couples will perform a Freestyle team dance with Gilles & Peta and Shawn & Derek as the team captains. Those in Gilles & Peta’s team are Kelly & Val, Emmitt & Cheryl and Kirstie & Maks while those in Shawn & Derek’s team are Sabrina & Louis, Melissa & Tony and Apolo & Karina. The team who will perform tonight are Gilles & Peta’s team. Shawn & Derek’s team will perform tomorrow night.

Louis writes on his blog that his team was feeling very ambitious with their group dance. He said they took pushed the skill level and took risks and they are hoping it will pay off. He added that it also brings them a lot of anxiety having to focus on two dances.

Maks also blogs that their team dance will be crazy, silly and funny and a bit obscene too! This guy is surely working hard together with Kirstie and writes that she’s more than just a partner. She’s a friend and is the best dance partner he could ever have.

Most of the celebrities talk about being fun and hilarious, including Apolo, who says that he and dance partner Karina’s costumes tonight will be “hilarious” and “rediculous”

Apolo Ohno warns that he and Karina Smirnoff’s costumes tonight will be “hilarious” and “rediculous”, but, he’s excited for their new dance. See why below and why their music “speaks” to him.

Meanwhile, accident always happens during rehearsal as the celebrities and their pro dance partners really practice hard. Melissa was rushed to the hospital after suffering a head and neck injury during rehearsals. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. She fell while doing some camera blocking for the group number. She was released though but I hope she’ll be okay for the performance tonight.

Anyway, follow us on Twitter, add us on Google Plus or like us on Facebook while waiting for Dancing With the Stars 10/22/12 scores. The voting numbers are already posted since it’s the same number for each pair the entire season.

SCORES AND VOTING NUMBERS (This is for first batch only) Tomorrow is the next batch’s performances

Kelly & Val – Samba – 1-800-VOTE4-11 or 1-800-868-3411
Song – “Want U Back” by Cher Lloyd
Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8.5, TOTAL – 24.5

Gilles & Peta – Rumba – 1-800-VOTE4-10 or 1-800-868-3410
Song – “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston
Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 29.5

Kirstie & Maks – Quickstep – 1-800-VOTE4-12 or 1-800-868-3412
Song – “Mrs Robinson” by Simon & Garfunkel
Carrie Ann – 8.5, Len – 8.5, Bruno – 8.5, TOTAL – 25.5

Emmitt & Cheryl – Samba – 1-800-VOTE4-13 or 1-800-868-3413
Song – “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow
Carrie Ann – 9.5, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 29

FREESTYLE – “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen
Apolo & Karina
Melissa & Tony
Sabrina & Louis
Shawn & Derek

Carrie Ann – 9.5, Len – 10, Bruno – 10, TOTAL – 29.5

Gilles & Peta – 29.5
Emmitt & Cheryl – 29
Kirstie & Maks – 25.5
Kelly & Val – 24.5

12 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars October 22, 2012 Scores DWTS 10/22/12 Call Numbers

    • The show airs for an hour today and tomorrow. The individual performances are finished. Check the scores. The group performance is up next. Tomorrow, Shawn & Derek’s team will perform

  1. Thought the “Call me Maybe” score of 29.5 was for Apolo, Melissa, Shawn, Sabrina and their partners. No one performed two dances tonight that I saw.

    • You are right. Tonight only 4 couples performed for individual scores (Gilles, Kelly, Emmitt and Kirstie) and Team Call Me Maybe (Sabrina, Apolo, Shawn and Melissa) performed for their team score. Then tomorrow the reverse happens.

      So admin would you, please, correct the scores to reflect the true scores for each couple? Thanks!

  2. The new twist where there are group numbers is definitely one that makes things on DWTS more fun. It’s great to see some team work in the competition and they all looked like they were having a really good time. I’ve got my Hopper timers set to record each new episode so I can catch up after work. I really liked the routine for Call Me Maybe and I loved the fact that they used the actual song and not the DWTS band. I think the rhythm would have been off a bit and since the other group is performing Gangnam Style, it would be really hard for the band to perform that one. My DISH co-worker thought that the high school theme had a Glee feel to it and I definitely agree. It was pretty cool to see cheerleading moves mixed in with actual dance steps.

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