Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2012 Scores DWTS 10/30/12 Call Numbers

After three episodes of pure performances, Dancing With the Stars will having its results show tonight. One of the eight remaining dance couples will be eliminated. Who do you think will be the next couple to go?

The results of the elimination tonight is based on votes and scores from last week and last night. Some who were in the top of the leaderboard last week slipped few positions down, some emerges as the top scorers this week while some remains their rankings.

I didn’t include the contestants’ group dance from last week in the computation of the total scores. So my rankings are different.

Anyway, Sabrina & Louis, who were 3rd place last week, is on the top of the leaderboard this week. They got a perfect score of 30 for their dance last night, making their total score to 59 out of a possible score of 60. Apolo & Karina, who was in the fourth position last week, is now ranked second as they get a total score of 57. They also got a perfect score of 30 last night, by the way. Gilles & Peta, who were in the top of the leaderboard last week, also got a total score of 57.

Melissa & Tony ranks fourth as they get a total score of 56.5. Emmitt & Cheryl is next getting a total score of 55.5. Shawn & Derek got a total score of 55. Kirstie & Maks got a total score of 53 and Kelly & Val got 51.5

Given the scores, I think Kelly & Val or Kirstie & Maks is the couple to go this week. Well, Emmitt & Cheryl could be in jeopardy too! What do you think?

Anyway, take of the schedule next week. Due to the election, there will be an elimination at the end of Monday night’s show. Thus, the results are based on the judges’ scores.

By the way, the musical guests for tonight are Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. Taylor Swift is going to perform “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and Jason Mraz will perform “I Won’t Give Up”, while the results are given in between.

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Update: Sabrina & Louis have been eliminated! I totally didn’t expect it!

Kelly & Val – safe!

Emmitt & Cheryl – safe!

Gilles & Peta – safe!

Shawn & Derek – safe!

Kirstie & Maks – safe!

Apolo & Karina – in jeopardy! safe!

Melissa & Tony – in jeopardy! safe!

Sabrina & Louis – in jeopardy!


Next week is Fusion week…

Kirstie & Maks picks Tango/Cha cha for Melissa & Tony

Kelly & Val picks Argentine Tango/Samba for Gilles & Peta

Emmitt & Cheryl pics Tango/Foxtrot for Sabrina & Louis

Apolo & Karina pics Quickstep/Samba for Kirstie & Maks

Melissa & Tony pics Tango/Paso Doble for Shawn & Derek

Shawn & Derek pics Rumba/Samba for Emmitt & Cheryl

Sabrina & Louis pics Cha cha/Foxtrot for Kelly & Val

Apolo & Karina – Paso Doble/Cha cha

37 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars October 30, 2012 Scores DWTS 10/30/12 Call Numbers

  1. I think the suggestions (above) are right. Kirstie is outclassed this season, and Kelly and Val act like they want to be axed so they can get to a room quicker. Either elimination is just fine by me.

  2. This is not a dancing competition…it is popularity! Kirsty should have been gone weeks ago…I hate when they play favorites. They didn’t deserve the 2 extra points last night. DWTS drives me fricking nuts!

  3. I can not believe Sabrina gets booted over Kirstie. I agree with Karen this is a popularity competition not dancing. Been following show since beginning but will no longer do so. Extremely disappointed!

  4. The judges are partially to blame for this one. Giving Kirstie 9.5’s last night and saying she was the most entertaining during the group number. Come on! If you call not being able to keep up entertaining. If America can’t get it right, then figure out another way to vote. Kirstie never belonged on this show to begin with.

  5. Kirstie should have gone home before Nick much less now because Sabrina is so much better than Kirstie. To have Sabrina not be in the final again is just ridiculous.

  6. Sabrina and Louis got elliminated! Totally expected. Am sorry to say but Sabrina has this very irritating personality that does not go well with the fans! + she does not have a large fan base with her Cheetahs!

  7. Wow, so the judges will have all the power next week for the elimination? Do not like this one bit!!

    If true, I bet the judges gun for Apolo, Kelly or Gilles. They want to eliminate any competition for Emmitt & Cheryl and Shawn & Derek. They are determined to see these 2 in the finals. The rest are expendable. So sad the predictability of this show.

  8. I also think Kirstie should have been voted off. I don’t much care for the all star season. I don’t look foward to this season like I did when they didn’t know how to dance and to see the improvement.


  10. Yes it is a popularity contest but sabrina did dance with her cheeth group and maybe being
    Young and the other are more mature didnt help either and unfortunely east coast never got to vote

  11. Okay just caught the show in my time zone and there will be no elimination next week. Yeah!!

    Tom said they had planned to have an elimination next Monday based only on judges’s scores BUT because so many people did not get a chance to vote this week due to the hurricane on the east coast, the show decided against this.

    So next week they will dance on Monday and there will be no show on Tuesday due to elections. I’m guessing the scores will carry over to the following week for the elimination.

    I like this scenario much better!

  12. This has been the most disappointing season, it sure isn’t judged on talent anymore but instead popularity. Come on Kirstie over Sabrina, really!!!! What were the judges thinking giving her the extra points last night?

  13. Next week there will be an elimination on Monday night based on judges scores due to the election. As for today’s results? They totally suck! No talent Kirstie should’ve gone. Sabrina tries sooo hard! Popularity prevails again, not talent! The title at the end shouldn’t be champion, it should be either America’s favorite choice or most popular… Just sayin’

  14. Sabrina? Seriously? I’m watching last nights on DVR because I was out and California phone voting stops before the show is even over… But Sabrina? Kirstie needed to go before Sabrina… That’s just WRONG.

  15. I come on here to see who was voted off. I don’t watch the show since I fully believe it’s a popularity contest. And the judges are frightful. Len downgrades the dancers even when they dance good simply because he doesn’t like the extra things they might do. Whats his name throws his arms all over the place and whats her name picks on the same dancers every week even though they dance good. And if your not popular you won’t get the votes no matter how good you dance.

  16. The judges’ scores should only be counted as 30% and not 50%. This way we can be sure the peoples’ votes will not factor that much. Sad!!! Sabrina is the BEST of all.

  17. I can’t believe that the last 3 standing were the best dancers in the competition. Are these people that are voting watching the same show as us?

    You can’t blame Kirstey that she’s so well-liked, it’s not her fault. She knows she’s not the best, but it’s a competition, and at her age it gives her a boost to her ego.

    But what’s up with Kelly and Val? Is it Love or Lust? Is she married? Oh well. Sorry to see Sabrina go.

  18. I was shocked, but very pleased! I adore Kelly, I look forward to seeing her go all the way. Kirstie and emmet should be next to go home. Emmett before kirstie, because she’s much more entertaining. I found out elimination before I watched, so I’ll admit, I was please, but did cry when I watched. I could feel sabrina’s hurt, and felt bad for her in that moment.

    • i agree! i love kelly i think she is a very good dancer. its just that she has a good connection with val. i think melissa, shawn and kelly will go all the way!

  19. DWTS has always been my favorite TV show, but not I realize it is rigged and I have no idea why any one would want to watch Kirtsey dance. The judges acted stunned that Sabrina was cut….give us a break….we are not as dumb as DWTS would think. Betty

  20. i agree that kirstie is not the best dancer, however i think shes on there because she is so much more popular and has a better personality considering she is so much fun to watch. she always puts something funny into her dances

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