Hayden Moss Big Brother 12 Interview Video

College student Hayden Moss from Tempe Arizona got into the hot seat for the upcoming Big Brother 12.  Here are the snippets of his interview:

What impact do you want to make on America or in the Big Brother house?

– Impact on America? I don’t really care.  I only want half a million dollars…. I guess people can like me, make people happy.  As far as Big Brother house, I want to be the last one standing.  I want the money so how am I gonna impact the house? I want to make the house more popular.

Do you believe in backstabbing or backdooring someone while in the house?

– If I’m gonna backstab somebody to get want I want, I would definitely do it.  Half a million dollars and I would cut ties and backstab somebody if I feel like it’s not helping the game.  I’m actually a stand up guy, nice and genuine legitimate guy outside the game, but it is a game and if I feel like I need to backstab somebody to win then I would do it.

How do you decide to take 3 months ‘off’ of your life for a slim chance to win the money?

– I don’t have a lot going on in my life.  I have the summer off and I have no job, no relationship, no ties, no commitments so here I am.  It’s Big Brother, opportunity of a lifetime and I’m gonna make the most of it.

Are you going to be a bitter jury member if you make it that far because you didn’t win?

– No, absolutely not.  I will not be bitter about losing because I’m going to win.  If I happen to be on the jury then I’m gonna vote for whoever I feel deserves it or maybe just whoever I like the most.

How long do you think it takes until paranoia sets in and you feel like you don’t believe anyone at all?

– I’m not really sure, probably three or four weeks into the house it’s gonna be absolutely brutal and things will get twisted.  There’s gonna be alliance form.  People are gonna be lying… I’m gonna say it’s two or three weeks is when things start getting pretty crazy.

Hayden Moss Big Brother 12 Interview Video

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