Hell’s Kitchen July 18, 2011 Premiere Season 9 7/18/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen season 9 premiere will be aired tonight, July 18, 2011 on Fox. It will be a two-part episode with part 1 tonight at 8pm ET. It will be followed by MasterChef. There will be eighteen chefs competing, but who will be kicked off first on Hell’s Kitchen 7/18/11?

18 chefs are competing to be the head chef at BLT Steak in New York City. The show begins with the first challenge this season where the contestants must prepare their signature dish. It’s men vs women for the teams, like the past seasons. The winning team get a chance to dine with Nona Sivley, previous season winner at L.A. Market and the losing team will scrub down the kitchen. It’s just a start but tempers will flare during dinner service slowing things up, forcing diners to walk out before entrees are served. Who gets to leave first? Here are the 18 contestants:


Elizabeth Bianchi 27 ine Cook, New York, NY

Natalie Blake 23 Sous Chef, Karrodsburg, KY

Amanda Colello 26 Personal Chef, Sun City, CA

Jamie Gregorich 24, Sous Chef, Bradenton, FL

Carrie Keep, 31, Pantry Chef, Dallas, TX

Gina Melcher 34 Restaurant Consultant, Cape May, NJ

Jennifer Normant 34 Chef de Cuisine, Boston, MA

Krupa Patel 30 Private Chef, Queens, NY

Elise Wims 26 Line Cook, Pittsburgh, PA


Chino Chang 39 Executive Chef, Hatboro, PA

Brendan Heavey 31 Head Chef, Hoboken, NJ

Monterray Keys 34 Line Cook, Darby, PA

Will Lustberg 31 Sous Chef, Jersey City, NJ

Paul Niedermann 26, Jr. Sous Chef, Davie, FL

Steven Paluba 44 Saute Chef, Ridge, NY

Jonathon Plumley 34, Head Cook, Memphis, TN

Tommy Stevens 31 Line Cook, Brewster, NY

Jason Zepaltas 29 Line Cook, Chicago, IL

Who will be eliminated in Hell’s Kitchen July 18, 2011? Results will be here.

Update: Steven Paluba was eliminated;

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