Hell’s Kitchen July 19, 2011 Who was kicked off 7/19/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen July 19, 2011 is the second night premiere where 16 chefs continue to compete. What challenges will the chefs face? Who will be the next to get kicked off on Hell’s Kitchen 7/19/11?

Last night, 2 chefs left. The first was Jason Zepaltas who voluntarily left because of being sick and the second one was Jason Paluba who was asked to take off his apron. Thus, 16 remain. Tension arises as Chef Ramsay pits the red team vs blue team in the first challenge. The team who wins celebrates while the team who lost will do the drab duties. Which team will win?

Meanwhile, both teams will struggle to prepare the dishes on time and meet the customers’ needs at the dinner service. It won’t go well as the teams lack cooperation which will send Chef Ramsay over the edge. Who will he ask to leave?

Updates of the results will be posted here. Find out who got kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 19, 2011 results here soon.

UpdateBrendan Heavey was eliminated;

Red team wins the challenge

Chino & Brendan was nominated but it was Brendan who was sent home

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