Hell’s Kitchen July 26, 2011 Who was kicked off 7/26/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen July 26, 2011 have the number of team members now equal to 14. Tension arises as the competition heats up. The teams will be facing another challenge on this episode. Who will be going home this time? Will it be from the blue team or the red team? Who among the chefs will get kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 7/26/11?

Last night, Natalie volunteered to move to the blue team to even out the number of team members. The first challenge was for the “Mommy and Me” service, where they served the kids and their mothers and the blue team won the challenge. During the service, if the red team took over the dinner service last week, this time, it was the blue team who took over and Chef Ramsay nominated three chefs for elimination but it was Amanda who took off the apron.

Tonight, will the contestant to leave be from the red team again? The contestant who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen July 26, 2011 results will be provided, as always as well as other updates.

UpdateChino Chang was eliminated;

Carrie, Elise, Monterray got nominated;

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