Hell’s Kitchen September 5, 2011 Who was kicked off 9/5/11 Results

Hell’s Kitchen September 5, 2011, top five chefs will compete in tonight’s episode. The teams are now combined after the remaining chefs were given the black jacket and they must now cook together in one kitchen. Who won’t survive another week and be sent home at the end of the show? Who gets kicked off Hell’s Kitchen 9/5/11 results?

The remaining chefs are Elise, Jennifer, Paul, Tommy and Will. After an intense episode last week, expect another one to happen tonight. The stakes are high and Chef Ramsay is going to put the chefs to the test to know who deserves to be in the final four. One or all of the chefs might quit, except Elise as they can’t take her attitude anymore. They were frustrated with Elise still in the competition and the guys might not be able to take her on.

Who will be the final four contestants after tonight? Will Elise be sent home or it will be Jennifer, or one of the guys? Anyway, find out who among the final five will be it, the chef who was kicked off Hell’s Kitchen September 5, 2011 results to be provided here.

Update: No one was eliminated;

Here’s what happened – Elise and Jennifer were nominated and we thought Jennifer will be sent home. Chef Ramsay asked Jennifer to take of her jacket but instead of being eliminated, he asked her back in line. Her jacket is dirty.

Elise? She’s still in the competition.

12 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen September 5, 2011 Who was kicked off 9/5/11 Results

  1. I personally am getting tired of listening to Elise. What does it matter if she can cook or not if she can’t get along with coworkers? She’s not THAT good!

  2. Also, the rest of the chefs left have talent but unfortunately Elise is such an attention sponge that the others fall into the back ground just trying to deal with her and the chaos she creates. If she FINALLY gets eliminated perhaps we can really see what this show is SUPPOSED to be about – great cooking!

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